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Adventures Help!

Meow jammers!
Welcome to the Adv. Help page.
Find walkthroughs of adventures here.


(This recording has my horrible voice, so better keep it muted if you want to protect your ears.) ;)

Hope it was helpful.

More coming soon!

Good Luck playing adventures.
Play wild!


mia taylor said...

I can't wait!I'm not much good at adventures.

Anna Animaljamelite said...

brb your voice isn't horrible!
You sound really sweet <33 i love your voice!

sunnnnnnnnny cooool said...

Three questions regarding ur voice:
R u american or british?
Where r u from
Do u live near an airport cause i can hear car horns and plane landing noises

Btw what made u think ur voice is horrible. Its not :-)

sunnnnnnnnnnnny cooooooooooool said...

three questions regarding ur voice:

1. r u british or american?
2. where r u from?
3. do u live near a airport i can hear plane landing noises and car horns

who said ur voice is horrible
i think its not :-D

~ suny kewl (don play aj anymore)

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Oh really. >.<
My voice is rough...
That's just a made up voice.
And how on Earth did you find it 'SWEET'. O.o
Thanks anyway. :D
Yeah, it didn't turn that much bad as I thought it would, though. XD
Thankies. Lol.

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Ans 1: Well, none of these in fact. Well anywho, I prefer the American one...
Ans 2: Somewhere in Asia. I answered your question in the Ask Me page. ;)
Ans 3: Lol, no. XD
I live in a busy town, where there are many cars, that's why horns.
And the planes landing noises are cause my house is 12 minutes far from the airport (by car).

And thanks. :)
It's horrible to me though. :D

SnowyPaw said...

I love the adventures!

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