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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Magic Mirrors

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the magic mirror, sold in Jam Mart Furniture! ^_^
I actually like the design of the item, it looks great in a Castle or a Fantasy den. :3
And since this Is a magic mirror, why don't i ask it question? :P
So ordinary mirrors are better...?
How odd.
Anyway, meanwhile i was walking in Jamaa, i suddenly noticed this sign at the adventure base camp! :o
So do you think there could be an adventure for eagles only..? :D
What do you think? ^.^
Now for the Daily Explorer post! :)
For some reason, i think the little green frogs are cute. :P
And those are some very interesting facts too. ^.^
Happy jamming!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eagles are here!

Hey jammers!
Soo, its me, Cloudclaws.
I decided ill be posting today, since there was a pawsome update today. :)
Ill have to copy the post of my own blog though, i have very little time and i have to be at school at 8:45 tomorrow because i have to go to touch football.
Eagles are finally here in Jamaa! :D

Oh boy! They sure do look awesome! C:
But wait, hold on a second..
*sees the words "diamond shop"*
Oh well, i kinda knew they would be in the diamond shop. Many people are angry about this, including me. *sob*
They still sure do look pawsome though..i met one in Jamaa and we buddies each other. :)
Yep, they fly even when they're standing.
And here's them sleeping! ^.^
Aww, that's so adorable and creative. ^_^
But to make up, there's even more ways to get diamonds now! C:
Credit goes to Rockytop2
...Which means more money for AJHQ.
But is AJ headquarters really that desperate for money...?
There's also some fantastic new items in the diamond shop. :)
 But some people might be angry because the betas have returned. What do you think? Good? Bad? OK? 

SO quite a few betas returning, but i think the Snowclouds and Rainclouds that where given out as a monthly member gift are still rare. ;)
Speaking of Monthly Gifts, i got reminded of how much i miss them. ;-;
But wait..Are those clouds nonmember!?
And by the way, AJHQ has released a brand new game, Swoopy Eagle!
The arcade and be purchased and the Diamond shop and you can play it for free in Coral Canyons. :D
Credit goes to Rockytop2
The logo for the game kinda looks like Animal jam's one.. except it was cacti instead of leaves and a different font. :P
So basically, you have to click the mouse to fly and avoid all the cacti. ^.^
I think its really fun, im gonna play it tomorrow! C:
Here's the next page. :)
Yay! Pet tigers! I think AJHQ should also make a snow leopard pet, what do you think? ;)
Oh, and what AJ means by eagles reaching new lands is that eagles cad reach places that used to be only reachable by the skyway glitches! ^.^
So now you can explore the skies of Jamaa. :D
Anyway, on to the new item, the hockey skates! ^_^
They look very stylish..But these should have been nonmember since the other skates are member too.
And i guess that's all for today.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting more ruined!

Meow jammers!
I'm very sorry for not posting all these days!
I hope you'd forgive me and let me try again. c:
Well, today's new item is a returning one, le Heart Chocolates.

Lol. The colors are so bright they hurt my eyes. XD
I never noticed the flowery pattern around the inner heart shape. XD
I like the item. Specially chocolates. Yum! XD

Click the box and you can get a box full of yummies! :D

Well, AJ is getting even more ruined!
Before it was the diamond shop and now it the

AJ ruined free chat! Before we could type 2 or more sentences.
We could do as many dots, question marks, exclamation marks etc.
And now, we can't even type more than one dot, 2 exclamation mark and 1 question mark!
We can't also do some of the punctuates. AJ has removed them.
As we lost the punctuates now we lost many of our faces!

We can't do these anymore:

And more...

All the following punctuates have been removed:

[ ]
{ }

How sad. :'(

Well, we can't type more than one full stop right?
Oh yes, we can! XD
But we can't just type them like these:

We'll we need a space or an alphabet, number or punctuation beside one.

Like this:


So, we can still do these faces:


Well the trick is that, we have to type really fast.
More like all of them together.
So, we can also write two sentences (sentences which end in commas not ? or !) together. :)

If you can't do it, here's how.
 Type them really fast, more like typing them all together, and they appear.
Although this only works on full stops.

It's hard if you type in proper grammar. XD
People who don't type in grammar or don't use dots don't have to face the trouble. XD
Using a grammar is good, it improves your grammatical mistakes. :)

Just one thingy to AJ,


I hope AJ listens.
Many jammers complained but they are not fixing this thing. :T

Anyways, I hope they will. ^.^

I'm tired.
Play wild!

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