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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Phantom Cannon

Or visit the page Jewel Center above.

Meow jammers!
Today's new item is the underwater den item, the Phantom Cannon.

At Sunken Treasures.
Lol. The phantoms now turned into Cannons. XD
If you're evil and you want phantoms to attack people entering your den, you should place 1 or more of this Phantom Cannon! XD

And here's a wacky glitch when a person goes to the new adventure.

Lol. It says 'Untitled' because AJ has typed a name for it yet. x3

Anyways, bye for now.
I have to do some home-works.
Play wild!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witch Mask and yesterday's ScorpTail

Miaaaaaow jammers!
So posting a bit early today. ^.^
The new item today is in Jam Mart Clothing shop, the returning Witch Mask! :D

It's been so many days AJ is keeping on bringing member items.
Even one day without a non-member item feels like a month without nm item to me. :(
Anyway, this item actually suits a witch.
Those creepy eyes and the long nose are two things witches have.
The mouth doesn't go with it... XD
I wonder if AJ will bring a witch broomstick clothing item for nonmembers soon so we can be witches. :P

Sorry for not posting yesterday.
I was actually playing some other games and wasn't in the mood of playing AJ.
Yesterday's item was the Scorpion Tail at Epic Wonders.

And also the tail doesn't look like an "armor".

Bye, I've gotta go study. :P
Play wild!
Until, then

Monday, October 28, 2013

Rare Scary Bracelets

Meow jammers!
Nu, I have decided I'm staying. Nu quit. :D
Sorry for this terrible late post, I went to my singing school and I was studying earlier. >.<
Today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare "Scary" Elf Bracelets at Jam Mart Clothing shop.

I like this item.
Btw, I just noticed Elf Bracelets are not on sale anymore? O.O
Are they beta or what?

And also, I've found out where to get the candies. >.o (That face is a winkin' one made by me.)

In Jamaa Township.

In Coral Canyons

In Crystal Sands.

In Mt. Shiveer.

In Sarepia Forest.

In Kimbara Outback.

In Apondale.

In Temple Of Zios.

Also figured the game invite thingy. ^.^

Click the Game Sign.

Choose your Game.

Then this appears.

You can cancel your game too! ^.^

Anyway, I have to go do some work.
Bye see ya.

Good Luck if you're entering.
It ends on the 20th Nov. Plenty of time. :)
Until then, play wild!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bat + Nessie + Claws = Nessie's BatClaws

Meow jammers!

Today's new items are the

Bat Mask at Jam Mart Clothing.
Wee hee. One of our favourite items have returned!

2nd Item is Nessie Mask at Bahari Bargains. ^.^

Lol. This made me remember of Messi the footballer. XD
Cause they actually rhyme.

3rd Item of today is the Scorpion Armor at Epiccc Wonderzz.

I never actually wished this was member. =-=

Yesterday's items were the Scorpion Claws at Epic Wonders.

Epic Item. I love it!
I've also noticed that when you click it it claps the claws. XD
It rather looks like a crab's claw than a scorpions. Lol. x3

Another item of yesterday was the underwater Halo at Bahari Bargains. ^.^

First time I'm seeing 2 items with the same name. XD
Lol. Same and name rhyme. XD

Anyways, I have to go soon.
Have a happy Halloween. ^.^
Until then
Play wild!

Friday, October 25, 2013

News Crews - Diamonds! (by me)

Meow jammers!
So, finally I have found my lost article for the Diamonds News Crews.
Here it is. ^.^

The Arctic Wolf is FatHusky and the Weird Wolf is me. >.<

Diamonds are the newest currency in Jamaa. They are a great way to buy exclusive and rare items, pets and animals. They can also be used to buy gems. You can get them from the Daily Spin. Members can get a diamond per week as a gift. The Diamond shop is located in Jamaa Township near Club Geoz.
People say the Diamonds and the Diamond Shop are great! 
Here is an interview from Mister Icyspirit:
I asked Mister "So are the Diamonds and the Diamond shop good?" He replied “It's so wonderful because, we can buy many cool stuff."
Another interview from Enternal Poshwolf:
I asked Enternal Poshwolf “What do you think about the diamonds?” Enternal Poshwolf replied “They are so cool. I really love the stuff for sale there.” 
Here is an interview from myself, Magical Glamstar:
 I think it’s very cool and very good items are for sale! So what are you waiting for, let’s save our Diamonds and buy! 
~Magical Glamstar

Horns and Scorpion Helmet

Meow jammers!
So, it's Friday and I'm posting. :P
Kiny, you have to post tomorrow then.
Well, actually my parents and sis went out so I can sit. :P
Now, today's returning clothing item is the Horns at Bahari Bargains.

Ahh. Those big bull horns scare me. /).(\
Go away scary horns.
I never liked this weird item. :P

Today's second item is the new item that we all have been waiting for.
Now the Scorpion Helmet is for sale at Epic Wonders!

Nuu. I never wanted it to be member. )':
I hope the rest 3 will be non-members. :D
This item can also be found in colors.
According to its size don't you think it should be 750/800 gems? -.-
And if you see, there are some horns (I mean teeth) sticking out of it's mouth. .o.

Here's an advertisement:

Pet Contest, hosted by Dawn Woodlands.

Anyways, bye for now.
Play wild!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ze Contest!

Meow jammers!
So you all have been waiting for the contest? Haven't you? Lol.

Okay bye. XP

A Small New Update and items

Wanna join my 10 followers and 250 views contest? Click HERE!
Meow jammers!
There's a small new update today.
Starting with the new and returning items. ^.^

The returning phantom hat in Jam-Mart-Clothing shop.
Yay! I wish this item was in colors. ):

The second one is a returning den item.
Yay! When I try to click the Candy Bowl and "Take One" it doesn't even let me. .o.
Today when I logged in, I saw some candies along with jammers. I wonder where they got them? O.o

Where do you actually get those? .o.
I want some. Yum. 

Oh, and I saw new Join Me signs for buddy games. o.o
I know they're only members but where do you actually get them?

And the Jamaa Journal has a few new pages too. Some old ones are gone..

An all new adventure has arrived at the Adventure Base Camp!

As you know, the newest animal in Jamaa is the Cheetah. 
The new item is the Scorpion Armor set which will soon be for sale in Epic Wonders!
Yay! No more waste of diamonds. I hope they are non-member. :D

Now the Adventure Invites will go along with you everywhere in Jamaa.
The Night Of The Phantoms will soon be leaving Jamaa.

There's a new Video of Sketch Jam in the Art Studio painting.
Dr. Brady has some new exciting stuff to do!

Also remember the contest?
Visit for further information.

That's all for today!
See you on Saturday! :D
(Kiny, you post tomorrow as it is Friday.)
Play wild!

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