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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Turkeys Hats & Ice Cream Cake Freezers Leaving

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is located in Jam Mart Clothing,so be sure to purchase the returning Turkey Hat for 250 Gems!

This item use to be sold at the Conservation Museum Shop,but I guess they removed it just so they could sell it in Jam Mart Clothing! This item is perfect for Thanks Giving! Be sure to purchase your very own Ice Cream Cake Freezer from Jam Mart Furniture before they leave Jamaa!

Meanwhile,the String Of Leaves used to be Non-Member but now there Member! AJHQ have only done this with a few items before. I wonder why they did it?


There is a brand new video all about Mammals and which one is the smallest,so be sure to head on over to Brady's Theater to watch this interesting video!

Thats about it for today's post! Happy Jamming & Play Wild!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Den+New Adventure+New Den Set+Adorableness...?

Meow jammers! :3
So it's meh posting after a whiiilllleeee.
Hmm, I'm only gonna be posting on Mondays and Thursdays from now on.
I'm getting authors for the rest of the week. (post coming soon!)
Anyways, it's an Update Thursday!
Today we have an epic update!

Hmm! So it's simply GREAT!!!
Head to the Diamond Shop today and grab it for 7 diamonds! :D
If you don't have enough diamonds to afford one, make sure you preview the den!
It's sort of village-ish and is situated on the sky! :D
There are also four wonders, gigantic ones-enough space for decoration! <3
Hmm, I might be getting one... Idk... I have 41 diamonds... So.. Maybe... Ugh.... IDK!!!

Filled with naturalistic scenery and slides.
Up above the clouds so high...Like a huge den in the sky. XD

Comment Call 1: Are you getting one? What is your opinion about this den? ^.^

Aww! These new adorablies have arrived at the diamond shop (as in the leaked images from twitter).
As heard from your guesses, YEP!!! It's the Polar Bears coming soon!
Don't forget to watch that COOL video to have an idea about them.. Hehe!

Leaked picture from AJINSIDERS Twitter account!

I think that's the actual future cookie! x3
Again in the diamond shop and for 10 diamonds again! >.<
They sure do seem nice and huge though.. anddd they can even go underwater! :D

Comment Call 2: Are you getting a Polar Bear? What is your opinion about them?

CONFUSING!!! Sure is... >.<
I made it to the center and got 2 amazing gifts!

Cornstalk Lantern (left) and Harvest Cart (right).

These new items will be nice to be put on the new den! C;

Meanwhile getting to the center, you can collect special colored keys to unlock the same colored chests to get prizes! :T
Not to hard to get the chests, but to the center AHH!!!

Comment Call 3: Have you done this adventure yet? What's your opinion about it? ^.^

This is an Autumn adventure meaning Autumn is here!
In edition to that, AJ Jewel will soon be getting it's new Autumn theme!
And so has AJ already got it... XD

Also there's a new (returning actually) Jam -A-Gram and Icons!

New Jam-A-Gram and new Hot Cocoa Icon
Snowflake Icon

Bitter Sweets has left Jamaa occasionally, replacing it with Twists and Turn!

I will be doing a tutorial on how to get to the center shortly!

Now let's continue to the fourth page! :3

Weeee! So it finally arrived! As I thought so! :)
And yay! The Ice Armor is on sale! Best time to get the set! :DDD

Interesting items for people who like fashion and stuff! x3

Here's how it was decorated on the Jamaa Journal!

You could copy this, adding a floor and a wall! C:

Okay so that was the end of the Jamaa Journal!
Whoa, only four pages!
But the update was pawesome! 
Whad'cha' think? ^.<

Anyways, there's a new item... :O

I think this came out today... :o
The elephants seem cute in the machine but not when you get one! >.<

A new post is coming about being an author soon!
If you want to apply then check this blog often to read the post!
Anyways, that's all for today!
Play wild! ^.<

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