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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ant Farm + Ant Information

Meow jammers!
I'm just too tired today.
And I barely managed some time for posting. ^.^
So, it might be a short post today. .o.

Today we have the Ant Farm at Jam Mart Furniture.

Look at those ants!
They don't even look like ants, instead they look like cockroaches! XD
The item, yet, looks impressive. :3
Well they are just swirling one after one.
Don't they go dizzy? .3.
I guess AJ will now take out farm items.
The Ant Farm looks quite great if you put it on a shelf.
You can open the container and give them some food you don' wanna eat. :T
Ants help the food wasted. :)
When you drop food on the floor they help you clean it by taking it away. ^.^

I'll share some ant information/facts with you:

1. Ants live in colonies (collective of ants) that range in size.

2. Some male ants are called drones.

3. Ants have six legs. Their legs are hooked which help them to hang or climb vertical walls.

4. There are a large diversity of ants. 
We usually see black ants and sometimes red as well.

5. Black Ants are harmless and only take your food.
Red ants may bite you! And it hurts.

6. They live in burrows (ant habitat), where they even store their food.
The ants work together to get their food here.

7. The Queen Ant, who is great in size, only lays eggs.

8. Reproductive, queen and male ants have wings.

9. Ants have poor eyesight. Some may be completely blind.

10. They have two antennae (feelers) which detect vibrations and other stuff. It also helps them to communicate.

11. Ants lay eggs. If an egg is fertilized it grows into a female ant. Non-fertilized grows into male ants.

12. Ants attack and defend themselves. They also have wars between two colonies.
It usually starts when the other colony gets better food for their queen.

Okay, that's all I know.
I watched a movie a few days ago.
You can watch this movie to know more about an ant's life.

It's called Minuscule: Valley of the lost ants

Oh and sorry for not posting yesterday
I was too busy sweeping the house. My mom's sick so she couldn't do it. :I
I have to do every housework now. .3.

Anyway here's yesterday's item.

Nice, but expensive.
Lol. It reminds me of that Apple Scented Candle which I broke yesterday while cleaning the wardrobe.
Well sorry I cannot say much about this item cause mom's scolding me and yeah I have a lot of work to do.
So see ya.

Credit to Google Images for ant pictures and minuscule cover 


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Ants Ants Ants! Ants Galore!!!!!!!!!!!!

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