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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pet Princess Chair

Is it ok if i post today? o-o
Hey jammers! Today's new item took me AGES to find, so then finally i decided to look on the AJ roar and the new item was the pet princess chair.
Credit to WhenLifeGivesYouLemo
No wounder why it was hard to find since the pet party wasn't online when i was on. o-o
Anyway, its a very tiny and detailed item and im sure it would go great with the Pet Stone Chair. :3
Which reminds me, maybe you could try making a pet kingdom? I would try, but my inventory is full. D: Anywayzzzzz, Here are some posts on the DE.
It's a very nice armor isn't it? :3 I wish AJHQ would make at least one part on the armors nonmember though. D: Here's da winnerz of the jammer snaps!

Congrats to all those who won! :D
Now, wouldn't it be cool if we could see out of the telescopes on AJ?
It would be very cool. :3 It could show us the solar system and galaxies surrounding Jamaa. :D
Has anyone ever made their own planet?
I have. :P
Happy jamming!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Snowball Pile

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, i had to get of the computer and i WAS going to go back, but i couldn't because it was my bedtime. >.< I promise i will (try) to post. Anyway, today's returning item is the Snowball Pile!
Just in time for the Jamaalidays! :D Its perfect for snowball fights but honestly,
this item should be nonmember, i mean it is just a pile of snowballs. Why do you need to buy snowballs anyway? o.o Anyway, maybe you could try filling
your den with snowballs, or line your entrance with these. ^.^ Meanwhile, i got 2/5 pieces of the ice armor!
this is my arctic wolf in my ice spirit outfit. She can also control water and snow.
I want a water armor too, earth armor and a lighting armor too! What other ideas do you have? :D
And i guess i don't need to buy an ice armor either. :P And remember jammers, its Free Friday which means you may write a den/clothing idea if you wish! ^.^ (see yesterdays post for more information)
Happy jamming!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Striped Scarf

Meow jammers!
So, I'm posting today. 
Actually, Cloudclaws was supposed to, but she went off before I could tell her to post. >:(
It's okay. You can post the next 3-5 days. :D
Anyway, today's new item is another of the Jamaaliday set.
It's a brand new item, more like a newer version of a scarf.
It's the Striped Scarf at Jam Mart Clothing shop. ^.^

You know, this item looks weird in this picture, but looks really cool when you're wearing it.
It shapes exactly like the Jamaaliday Scarves.
I wonder if the Jamaaliday Scarf will return.
This item is more like a candy-cane. :D
Yummy. -Goes mad- :O
I love everything about this item except for member. :'(
Anywho, this item is added to my favourite items list, even if I can't wear it. :P
What do you think of this item? 

Anyway, I thought of giving the blog a schedule. :T
So, here's how I was planning. :P

Story Sunday - A new mini story, by me or other jammers.

Mystery Monday - A mystery which you can comment your ideas.

Talent Tuesday - A tricky question will be given and the person to answer correct is a talent. Winner gets a sale item or nothing. :P

Wednesday Winner - A raffle contest in which a jammer wins. Winner will be announed next Wednesday, so you can enter before next Wednesday. Winner gets a sale item or nothing. :P

Tricky Thursday - A question/ a guessing game/ A place in Jamaa. Winner gets a sale item or nothing. :P

Free Friday - An idea for a clothing/ den/ both. You can also do what you want in comments (But don't break the commenting rules) at "free" Friday. I won't scold anyone (But will if commenting rules are broken). :D

Sunday Song - A short song or a poem. You can also comment "your" made up poems which will be added to the post at Tuesday. 

So, we'll start today! :D
Cloudclaws, if you post, don't forget the schedule. :)

Anyway, here's today's......

Wednesday Winner 

Raffle contest!
Pick between 1-10.
Winner receives any non-member item from Jam-Mart-Clothing Shop.
Winner will be announced next Wednesday, 
So you can enter any day before next Wednesday.
Don't forget to mention your usernames along with your comments!

And I know I get less comments, so maybe 0 comments also. ;_;
Meh, I'm just trying to get comments. :D
One more thingy .o.
The person to be the "Top Commenter" next month gets a small rare of their choice. ^.^
There's a gadget on the left to help you find out if you're winning. :P 

Good Luck and don't forget to play wild!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Candle Ornament

Meow jammers!
So, I've decided that I'll post the days when I come on.
Well, because I feel to bored in AJ.
Now, today's new/returning item is the Candle Ornament at the Jam-Mart-Furniture Shop.

I bet it's returning, cause I've seen it before "maybe".
Nice item, but don't you think the candle is a bit too fat? XD
It comes in colors! :D
It's nice fore winter, you know. You can get warmer. XD
Candles can also help you in the dark.
Maybe, you can use it in a dark place at your den. ^.^
Sorry non-members. :(
Sorry me non-member. :'(

I think some more new items will come out at the Pets-Only-Party.
It's 2 hrs and 30 mins later and I guess I can't be on at that time.
And here are a few graphics I made out of the Globe in the loading screen. ^.^

Click for larger version.
Right click the mouse and click "save as".
You can use all three/any with credit. :)

And today, I saw a lot of jammers with the new Ice Armour. 

Shiny and sparkly.
It looks like the Leopard is frozen.
I love it! :D
It's nice, you can now have ice powers. :D
You can get it with any redeemed gift card, as said in the Jamaa Journal.
What do you think of the new ice armour? :)

Later jammers!
Play wild!

Rare Faerie Wings and Pet Diner Stool

Meow jammers!
Today's RIM is the Faerie Wings at Jam Mart Clothing.

Cool. Bright colors.

And the Pet Diner Stool at the Play-As-Your Pet Party.

Quiet cute. :D

I have to go out today, now.
And it's my exams on the 6th. 
Wish me good luck. ^.^
Anyway, bye. :D
Oh, and it's my sister's b-day on the 5th. .o.
Baaaai now. 
Hope you like the blog's new makeover for winter.
Real baaaai now.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fruit Bowl

Hey jammers! today's returning item is the fruit bowl. ^.^
It looks nice on tables and its cheap and nonmember. :3 But i wish there
was a Raspberry or a Watermelon in the bowl because there my favorite fruit. D:
Anyway, wouldn't it be cool if AJHQ made other types of bowls? Like the candy bowl or the vegetable bowl or maybe even a cereal bowl. :P Meanwhile, i have been thinking how the next new land might be like...
Maybe it could be a meadow, with a pine forest and mountains in the background
and it could have a cave that sells golden shaman statues and silver and maybe even the golden Mira statue! ^-^ I think it could be something like this:
Im not really sure what it could be named, maybe Emerald Mountains?
What do you think it will be named?
Happy jamming!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hey jammers! today's new item is the pet HDTV, sold in the pets only shop in the sky!

These pet items is so cute! ^.^ Hmm, perhaps you could make a pet hotel?
Or maybe a room just for your pets? :)
Meanwhile, here's a post on the daily explorer!

I wish nonmembers could be flying pets, but at least they get to see the 
Play-as-your-pet-party. I have been thinking, wouldn't it be cool if we could have pet lions and pet penguins? :3 Now here's a random question.. What are some cool usernames  that you have seen around Jamaa?

What are some other ones you have seen? :3
And in case you haven't seen, here's a tour of the Play-As-Your-Pet party!

Happy jamming!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Hey jammers! im so sorry for now posting. :( Please forgive me. Anyway, there was a pawsome
update Yesterday! ^.^ Lets start of with the new party!

Its an Epic party, i have visited! ^.^ I promise a tour of the party at the end of
this post but if you want it to be a surprise, you don't have to watch it. :) I hope everyone
gets to come to this awesome party!
Now, it seems like AJHQ listened to my idea about..


ICE ARMORS! :D I might be buying one on the weekend! ^.^
I actually wanted snow armors because snow is my favorite element, but ice armors should do because there so sparkly and shiny. ^-^ Meanwhile, it seems like we where right about the new animal!

Yay. ^.^ I just hope its not in the Diamond shop. :( Oh, and the video is great too! you
should watch it. :D All games are also on 2x gems!
Now for the video i promised you..

Thanks to all jammers who have helped me. :)
Thats all for now jammers, play wild!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pencil Table

Hey jammers! today's pawsome returning item is the Pencil Table. :3

A quite nice item don't you think? :3You can slide it around
and draw on the floor. :P It also makes a nice table. :D Anyway, did you
know there was an epic wonders skyways glitch?

Its pretty cool you can sit on the orb. :3 Just in case if your
wondering how to do it, here's how! :)
First of all, stand here.

And then, click someones nametag and open up games.


Than, straight after you clicked, click a game (scooped works best) and cancel
VERY quickly. It takes some time though but its a fun glitch to do. :3
Happy jamming!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Great Escape Music

Hey jammers! today's new item is The Great Escape music sold in the diamond shop!

Now all jammers can buy another adventure music! ^.^
Well, members only..DX I think nonmembers should have at least 3 different
music for their dens to choose. What new music do you think should be available for all
jammers? :) Anyway, on an AJ coloring page i noticed a female lion!

Do you think AJHQ listened to us? Will jammers be able to become female
lions? If jammers can really be female lions in the future, i can't wait! :D Which reminds
me, do you think we would be able to choose how old our animals where? (baby, adult etc) That would be great wouldn't it? What else should we be able to do with our animals?
Happy jamming!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Acorn Tea Set

Hey jammers! sorry for not posting yesterday, it was almost my bedtime and i only could post on 
my own blog. Anyway, today's new item is the Acorn Tea Set!

What a cute and Jamasian item. ^.^ Im definantly buying one of these,
they'll go great with my tree stump table. :3 Autumn brings most of my favorite
den items in Jamaa..In which season do your favorite items come out?
Meanwhile, jammers have seen a kangaroo passage in The Great Escape Hard Mode

Inside the monkey passage, is a kangaroo passage! (circled in red)
However, it only appears in hard mode. I think its a bit unfair that you have to have a monkey to
open the kangaroo passage, i think AJHQ's trying to make monkeys more popular or something.
What other animals do you think should have a passage? :)
Happy jamming!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fisherman's Cape

Hey jammers! today's returning item in Bahari Bargins is
the fisherman's cape!

What a cute little item. ^.^ Its color combinations are
pawsome! :D I also like the way it looks on animals. :3 The seashell and starfish
make cute decorations. ^_^
 Anyway, here are some rainbows on the DE!


All these great drawings gave me an idea for a drawing. ^.^
Happy jamming!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mushroom chair

Hey jammers! Im Cloudclaws, a new author of the AJJ! ^.^ im happy to be a new author and ill be posting today. :)
 Anyway, today's new item is the mushroom 
It actually looks like a real mushroom than a chair
but it does look pretty comfortable and goes great with the Mushroom
table so great item so far. ^.^ For some reason, i like most autumn items. :P
Meanwhile, here's a daily mystery!
In the temple of zios, the phantoms guard the statue.
What do you think the phantoms are guarding?
Where does the pit lead to?
Do you think Zios will ever rule jamaa again?
Feel free to share your ideas.
Happy jamming! ^___^
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