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Monday, September 30, 2013

Rare Wavy Bookshelf

Meow jammers!
Today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Wavy Bookshelf at the 4th page of the Jam Mart Furniture Shop. :)

Yaay! Another color of the Wavy Bookshelf has arrived! Green and purple mix. :)
I'm SOOOOOOOO HAPPPPPY that they are for non-members. YAAAAY!
I bought 4 of them. :P

Well, not so cheap. 750 gems. O:
So total costed me 750+750+750+750 = 3000 gems. .o.
Speaking of gems, you can earn A LOT from the adventures if you play the game with getting all the treasures. Here's a picture to help you find the treasure boxes in the Hard Version of The Return Of The Phantoms. ^.^

Treasures are marked in red.
Ahh. This picture is again blurry and not clear. And today I found out why this happened. o:
This snap is taken in GIF and the good and clear ones are taken on JPG or PNG. The bookshelf one is PNG and the map is GIF. JPG and PNG are almost same, but to me JPG is a bit better. :)

Also, I missed out reading the Daily Explorer. ):
There's was a new Jammer Snaps contest going on, and it ended. >.<

The topic says "Reminder". So, I guess it was announced before?

Today's post on the Daily Explorer.

Now, in the conversation museum there is always a donation for cats. Do you ever donate?

I donate 1000 gems per month for each. :)

Good luck wondering around Jamma!
Until then, play wild!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jellyfish Hat and Studded Collar

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Meow jammers!
Today's returning item is the underwater clothing, the Jellyfish Hat sold at the Bahari Bargains. 

Credit to the Animal Jam Times for the picture. 

Why again members? And PINK? Speaking of pink, some boys might not like it. I also hate pink. It's kind of to (or is it too?) much girlish. :P
Now, if you look at the Jellyfish carefully, you will spot that it doesn't have a nose or a mouth. XD
And this one's an un-shocky Jellyfish which looks really fluffy. Un-shocky? Lol. There's no such word as un-shocky, I made it myself and you might know, it means not shocky. XD
It looks like a candy to me. I feel like eating it all up. Jellyfishes should look something like jelly, not something fluffy like a pillow. XD

Two new items are released today. 
The second item is the Studded Collar at the Diamond Shop.

Credit to the Animal Jam Times for the picture. 

Don't you think it's a bit cartoonish? It kinda looks like the Spiked Collars, just a bit cartoonish. XD
The white thingies over there looks like diamonds? O.o
Once again, this item HAD to be for members and it's expensive. You know, 3 diamonds isn't very less still if you have 11. x3

Btw, I couldn't take a pic cause AJ won't load and it wouldn't even make the servers thingy come up. ):
Sad, I also missed the Daily Spin. What if I was about to get diamonds. Nuu. )':

We already have 4 followers and even more than 250 views. We were supposed to have a contest with good (not SO rare but normal rare :P) items when we get 10 followers and 250 views. Thank you people who followed the blog. Tell your buddies about the blog and tell them to follow it. :)
The contest is going to be a _____ contest. Now you might be confused what a ___ contest is. XD
I mean it's not selected yet by saying __. It depends on your votes. Vote the poll on the right top of the gadgets and let me know what kind of a contest you'd like to do, you may select multiple answers. Till now, we have 13 votes and most people have voted for Drawing Contest. Photo Contest  and Good Snap Shots contest are really near. (Good Snap Shots should be AJ snaps, not from some other web.) 

That's all for today. 
Good luck for the contest and making/saving diamonds.
Until then, play wild!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moustache :)

Meow jammers!
Today's new item is the Moustache sold at the Jam Mart Clothing Shop. :)

Moustache? Moustache? Moustache? What? Did AJ do any spelling mistake or what is the item not a mustache?
Nice boy-ish item though. :P
I heard some girls have mustaches? O.o Lol, funny. XD
Now, have you seen the thing going on with the non-members chat history thingy?
The member ones are still open. ._.
AJ is being more unfair to non-members these days. ):
And again, the new item is for members only. >.<
But, something fair for non-members and unfair for members is...

I heard non-members get more diamonds than members from the DAILY SPIN. o_o
Surprising, huh? x3
Btw, those are my diamonds, I had 12 but wasted one on a kangaroo. :P

And I heard some kind of virus is spreading in Jamaa by fman112. He will send you a jam-a-gram with a gift and if you open it, you get HACKED! So, beware of Fman112's jam-a-grams. Never open them and quickly recycle. 

Thanks, bye for now. :D
Play wild!

Friday, September 27, 2013


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Meep Jammers!

Today's new item is the Spiked Mohawk! 
Ahhhh, Night of the Phantoms...such cool items :3 Pity this one's member. I think it's much nicer than the other mohawk, don't you?
And there's the item I somehow didn't see yesterday - the wristwatch! Interesting, though that specific one looks really heavy O.O looks like it's made of cement...and it's member.

Now then, it has been called to my attention that there's something funny going on with the non-member's chat history arrow thing:

Come on AJ HQ. You don't seriously mean to say that you're that petty? I don't want to sound mean but - you've already done enough giving far more to members and much less to non-members. And now you want to take away the only things non-members have?! Is that what we're playing Animal Jam for? To get you more money? That's seriously just too pathetic for words. I'm sure absolutely everyone is going to become a member because of that. *sarcasm* That's just...well, you've read what I put. I'm not going to carry on talking about it, because I'll just end up getting a bad reputation.

And, here's a random photo: my eye! 
Well, that's my eye colour, if you were wondering! That photo's a little dark, though, so I'm a bit of a paler green, with flecks of brown.

Oh, and you know my photography contest? I've elongated the closing date to the 1st October as I haven't had many entries - so please enter! Mind you, it's only a few extra days...

Bye for now ^.^

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wristwatch and Night Of The Phantoms Update

Meow jammers!
Today's new items are the

Wristwatch sold at the Jam Mart Clothing Shop
and the new den

The Haunted Mansion den at the Den Depots shop.

It's almost October, the time for the Night Of The Phantoms to arrive! And AJ has made the update a few days ago! YAY! :D

Yay! Jamaa has changed A LOT and the music also changed. 
Bat facts and elephant banners are all around Jamaa. There are also phantoms in Jamaa.
The new thing is the Vortex and the new Phantoms game!

I love that Vortex! It's so amazing. :D
You can find the Vortex entrance everywhere around Jamaa.

After you click on that you appear at the Phantom Vortex!
And the new game is called "Phantoms" and you have to save the candy from the phantom/s in it. :)

Use the torch light and then pull the phantom towards the white colored waterfall thingy over there. x3
I like that game and I heard you get some kind of gifts? O.o
Yeah, you do. They are the new version of the tall phantom statues. I got one when I completed level 5. :D

Yay! Red Heavy Phantom Statue. :D
Well, they are found in different colors though. ;)

A new adventure called the Hive has come to Jamaa, sadly members only. ):
Also, there is a new adventure map to help you find your way. :D
You can also large and enlarge it. :DD

I've marked the treasures with red. ;) (Easy mode for Return of The Phantoms)

Btw, did you notice the new thing, I actually had NON-RARE Scary Bat wings, which I won from the adventures a few days ago BUT it turned as RARE Scary Bat wings. O.O

I wish they don't come out as RIMS. ):

I love the new update. Did you? :D

Now, here are all the pages in the Daily Explorer.
(Sorry, not in perfect order)

Yay! The spooky party is returning. Now what's the Haunted Forest party, something new I guess? x3

Adventure Map. Yay! New animal is coming to Jamaa. :D

Phantom Vortex with the new Phantoms game and Elephants Migrating Banners!

Return of the phantoms has arrived! New pet bats are for sale in the Spooky Party!

Elephants has returned and Pet Tarantulas will be for sale in the Diamond Shop in October.

That's all for today. 
Good luck to be brave of the scariness.
Until then, play wild!

P.S Sorry the snapshots are a bit unclear.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pirate Beard

Meow jammers!
Today's returning MEMBERS-ONLY item is the Pirate Hat.

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I'm becoming so lazy to post. >.<
Yesterday's returning item was the 

Pirate Beard __
I really like those items. Why did they had to be for members? DX
Don't you think AJ is starting to bring out pirate-ish items? Before they bought out school-ish items and now the pirate-ish items __
And I've got a question to ask you. :)
How much are pirate swords, freedom/ scary bat wings and worn blankets now worth? 
It's becoming easier to get rares from the adventures.. I had got a Freedom Helmet, a brown worn and Scary Bats. 
Good luck getting rares from the adventures.
Until then, play wild!

Wanna see some cool photographs? Visit Kiny's photo blog by clicking HERE!
P.S sorry the Snaps aren't so clear like before, something went wrong with them. >.<

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rare Skull Helmet

Meow jammers!
Today's rare item is the Rare Skull Helmet sold at the Jam Mart Clothing.

Credit goes to Kinyonga from the Animal Jam Times for the picture.

Cheap MEMBERS-ONLY item. ;_;
I like that, why did it had to be for members. >.<
And as a lot of you might know, it was an adventure gift before on..

I couldn't take a picture 'cause the game loaded once and this glitch occured while I wanted to check the Jam-A-Grams and I had to refresh and then it won't load. >.<

Some posts at the Daily Explorer.

I almost forgot the AJ's birthday party. Here are the items for sale in it.

Page 1.

Page 2.

And 3. As you see, more member statues other than non-members. DX

Anyways, that's all for today.
Good luck avoiding weird gltiches!
Until then, play wild!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eye Patch

Wanna see some cool photographs? Visit Kiny's photo blog by clicking HERE!

Meow jammers!

As we predicted today's new item is the non-member Eye Patch sold at the Jam Mart clothing shop.

Also color changeable. :D
I am so happy that it is non-member. YAY!
As most of you might know, it was sold at the adventures before so it's a common item. 
Now we can be pirates! Huzzah! o:

Also, some new posts at the Daily Explorer. 

Aww. Pandas are so cute. They are sooo cute. ^.^
They are one of my favourite animals. :D
What's your favourite animal? Are you friendly to them? :O

Good luck trying to be friendly to animals!
Until then, play wild!

Oh, and I got a new (better, I guess?) signature. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beaded Necklace

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Meep Jammers!

Sorry I didn't post earlier, had to go shopping >.<

Anyway, today's new item is the pretty and pink Beaded Necklace!
Nice, though a bit too pink. I think it looks best in blue, though I haven't checked all the colours.
Speaking of colours...which only members can do...

Great. Just great. Inequality all over the place... >.<
Lastly, here's a very random photo of the moon.
My photo! Do not steal!

Anyway, bye for now! ^.^

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cone Collar

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Meep Jammers!

I'm Kinyonga, maybe you know me. Anyway, I'm going to be posting on this blog on Friday's, until further notice. (Oh, and Sweetpanda - if you want me to add a followers gadget you'll have to make me an administrator/admin.)

Today's item is sold in the Medical Center, and it's the useful...
...Cone Collar! But wouldn't this be a better item for your pets? I mean, humans don't have to wear these, do they? O.O

And here's a random picture of a rainbow I took a while ago :3

Don't steal the pic, it's mine!

Well, bye for now! ^.^

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