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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Top Coat

Meow jammers!
Sorry for the late post. I was kind of busy today and the past two days. 
Sorry for not posting the past two days. .o.

Today's new item is the Top Coat.

Credit to Animal Jam Roar. 

AJ kept on freezing when I tried getting into the shops. x3
It looks kind of weird. 
The collar is umm, a bit of untidy. XD
The buttons is not in a proper way, they are always in one line, but this in two. Lol.
The hands are folded, which is kind of neat.
Although, this coat would be nice for winter.
I wonder how it looks on animals. XD

Here's some pictures of a pizza mommy made. :)

Yummeh. I feel like eating it up again. XD

I'm sorry, I'm too tired today, and I have got works to be done.
So, that's all for now.

Note: My might not be posting tomorrow, or day after tomorrow.

Oh, and btw, visit my Cat blog! ^.^

Later jammers! ^.^

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Posting restarts!

Meow jammers!
My exams are done and now I can finally return to AJ and blogging. ^.^
P.S Don't you think I should change the blog designing?
I mean they're too old.
I feeling so happy to post after such a long time.
But something also makes me feel very sad-

Kinyonga, one of my very good friends, who is also an author of this blog is quitting. :c
I will always remember her.
We all will miss you, Kiny.
Hope you return soon.
Click HERE for more information.

She is also hosting a giveaway, and it would be nice if you enter it. ^.^
Click HERE for the giveaway Kinyonga is doing.
I hope you guys find it interesting, and be sure to enter! 

She is also leaving her pawsome AJ blog, which is one of my most favourite AJ blogs.
Click HERE to visit Kinyonga's blog!
It will always be my favourite, no matter if you post or you don't. 
You were one of the funniest and best posters I've ever seen.
Hope you can continue. :)
Take care Kiny! :D

Back to the post.
It's Thursday and it's time for Jamaa Journal and new updates.
We'll go to the updates later, here's the new item for now.

Our new item is the Sea Star at Sunken Treasures.
Lol. I have seen star fishes but not something like this...
The items funny.
I like the way it jiggles. Lol. 
It keeps moving. XD

Here are the past few items the blog missed.

Jam Mart Clothing.

Jam Mart Furniture.

Hot Cocoa Hut and Epic Wonders.

I'd really like to thank Cloudclaws posting for a few days. ^.^

Now, here's the small update.

All the dens in the Den Depots shop is now on sale!
Hurry, bye your favorites now, it will be gone soon. XD
I wish this offer was for non-members too. .o.

New changes arrived in the map.
Lol. Typing "map" made me remember of the funny cartoonish map. XD

Adventures Button.
Lol. For some kind of weird reason, it wouldn't let me get to any adventures.
When I saw them earlier, they were open.
Strange. Huh?

Epic Dens.
Lol. Nothing new except for the icon. XD

Oh, the Owls have returned and they are available at the Diamond Shop.
Wow. I can't wait for another new "animal" to come.
When I saw the feather, I thought it's a new pet but lol, AJ mentioned "animal".
What do you think it will be? The feather's a clue.
A feathery animal? Or birds? XD 

Yay! Friendship Party is back!
The heart lockets and friendship stuff are returning!
Has the party started yet? I didn't see it on the list though.

Tricky Thursday

Can you say what item of Jamaa is this?

Might be a den item. ^.^

Good Luck playing AJ.
Until then, play wild!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Sorry I've pretty much never posted, and I have to say I won't be posting at all in the future, as I'm quitting Animal Jam.
Click HERE for more info.

It was lovely being an author on this blog, and I really appreciated it.

But now it's time to move on...


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tall Pine Tree

Hey jammers! Its me Cloudclaws. Sorry for not posting yesterday. ;-;
I guess ill be posting until Kinyonga comes back. Sorry if i don;t post everyday though, i also am another author of another blog too now. Today's new item is the Tall Pine! :)
I love today's item, its so cool. :D Perhaps there will be a Small Pine Tree and a Large pine tree next? :3 One of them should be nonmember though. It looks fantastic in an ice fort den. ^.^
Here's the Daily Explorer post!
The RIM was pretty cool. :D
Happy jamming!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I am so sorry!

Meow jammers!
I'm SOOO sorry about not posting ALL THESE days. :C
Forgive me. I tried to do a post to tell you that I can't post but the post failed.
I'm sorry again.
Well, my exams ain't finished yet, and so I gotta study and got less time on blogging.
Maybe Cloudclaws and Kinyonga, can you two post?
I'll try getting some new authors. :)
If you want to be an author, simply comment:

1. Your AJ username
2 Your blogger username
3. Why do you want to be an author?
4. When will you be able to post?
5. Your email address I should sent the invitation to.
6. Do a short post, and send it to me at
7. Get your parents permission. :)

Okay, hope that it's fine with you.
I'll try posting from Friday when my exams are done.
And possibly, I might go abroad soon and so it would be tough to post, still I'll try.
Spent your time happy in AJ! 
Bye, hope to see you again soon. :D
Play wild!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hey jammers!
Its me, Cloudclaws. I decided ill post today, since no one has posted for a long time.
Is that okay with you Sweetpanda? :)
The returning item is the Snowman, sold in Jam Mart Furniture. ^-^
It looks good in Gingerbread dens and Ice Fort dens. C:
Don't you think AJHQ should do a snowflake flooring and a mountain wallpaper?
Those would look fantastic for winter! ^.^ I hope one of those will be nonmember. :3
Anyway, here's the Monday Rare Post!
Very short description. o-o
Now, here's Daily Mystery!
How does that cave lead to Mt Shiveer?
Crystal Sands and Mt Shiveer are so far apart, if you could see how you traveled there, how would you think you would get there? Feel free to share your opinion. That's all for now, happy jamming!
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