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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Giant Phantom and Phantom Lights

Meow jammers!
Today's returning item is the Giant Phantom in the Jam Mart Furniture Shop.

I like the plushie. It's really cute. But problem is, that it's members only and it's not SO cheap. x3
It's a larger version of the small phantom plushies you get from the Rare Claw Machine.

Today's second item is the phantom lights found at Sunken Treasures.

Once again MEMBERS-ONLY item. 
If you look at the phantoms carefully, you will see that it goes in a certain pattern.
The first phantom is upwards and the second phantom is upside down/ flipped vertically. 
Also, found in different colors. ^.^

And as Freedom Helmets, worns, nm sword, rare bows and wings are in adventures now, they are worth nothing much like before. Here's an example.

Before, nm swords were worth even more than 4 globes but now, 4 swords are not even worth A globe. 
If you'd want that trade, contact with bunnyearsarehuge.

And here's a bat fact. :P

Sorry, it's taken in GIF once again. >.<

Oh and did you notice that when somebody clicks a pet bat, it goes larger. o:

Isn't this even larger than the wolf you see over there? XD
Oh well, it happens ONLY if the OWNER clicks his/her pet bats.
It also happens with other pets.
But except pet Raccoons, nothing actually happens if you click them. . _ .

Btw, I got a really cute SNAPSHOT with me. :P

(Sorry, again taken in GIF)
Isn't that tiger super cute. I wish I could have it as a pet in real world. :')
It's from another game called PopTropica, click the link to visit it. 
And it's in Counterfeit Island. :P

Also, don't forget my 250 views and 10 followers contest. Views are completed just 3 more followers to be needed. Thanks everyone who followed and visited.. :)
P.S I might be changing the blog background very soon. :)
I'll make it something spooky this time. :P

Bye for now!
Play Wild!


Cloudclaws said...

Epic new signature! :D

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Thanks. :D
I got it from google images. Then I edited it for the name. :P
Brb. Changing background.

Kinyonga said...

Meep! I want that trade :3

Just a thought: the red text is a little bright and hard to read...maybe white or orange (or if it was in bold or a different font) would be better?

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Okay. Thanks for sharing your suggestion. :)
Changing immediately

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Now I turned it into light orange. If it's still not clear you can ask me to change it again.
Thanking you.

Kinyonga said...

It's good now :3

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