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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trapped Phantom and War back at the Diamond Shop!

Meow jammers!
Today we have a long returning item back at the Diamond Shop!

It's quite cheap! Yay!
They come in different shapes and thunder colors, more amazing. XP
I think more stuff will be returning soon in the diamond shop! :O
Is it yay or nay for you? XD/DX
As far as I remember, you could get this item with a code...
There were different - oh wait, nope! This was a monthly member gift! :P

Comment Question: Do you like to see good stuff returning back at the Diamond Shop? Any reasons? :)

Well, anyway. Seems like the Gold Phantom Statues have changed their names hereby!

Owe! So this one seems to have a long name, huh? XD
I'm likewise to be trading it! Any offers? :3

Here's a good news:
I will be featuring how to do the 'Time Glitch' in the TFD adventure!
(TFD=The Forgotten Desert)
I will also be featuring 'How To Be A Land Animal in TFD'  very soon!
So keep your eyes peeled, they will be here by the next two months! :P

Anyway, we are supposed to receive our weekly diamonds today, but for some kind of reasons we didnt!
Jammers became angry on the and cause a strike back there at the Diamond Shop!

Hmm. So lot's of comments, huh? XD
Are you angry on them in the same way too?!
Well, I know, this isn't really fair! D:
Some jammers were saying they have changed the day of the week in which we should get out diamonds....
So far, it seems like we'll get it later on. C:
What do you think, jammers?
Anyway, that remains a mystery.

Here are some Diamond Shop lines:

It will soon rain diamonds and fill up oceans!
We should be able to buy diamonds with gems!
We should get 3 diamonds per week!
Diamonds should be removed!
Diamond Shop items should be cheaper.
There should be point version of diamonds (1 item 0.5 diamonds)
And bla bla blaaaaah!
So which ones do you agree with? Let us know in the comments! :P
He-he. Ik, some are awkward, but those are suggestions from jammers like you! :T

Anyway, that leaves us with today's topic: The Diamond Shop
You can discuss about it in the comments!
Anyways, that's all I got for today, folks! ^.^
See you tomorrow with more Jamtastic fun! :)
Chow and play wild! ;)

Monday, September 22, 2014

BEARDS RETURN? WHAA.. Ahh no, it's actually a 'Rare Beard' XD Plus a glitch and new code!

Meow jammers!
Since today was a holiday, there will be more pressure tomorrow at school!
They just sent me extra pieces of homework through email! DX
So, I'm sorry, I might have to make this post a big of short! >.<
Anyway, today we have an extreme rare; The Rare Beard!

Awesome! It's so cheap, after all...
I sort of like the color combination, anyway.
Purple with orange tip, I wish more rare Beards arrive in different colors some Mondays!
I'm going to collect 6 of this fantastic item, cause I have a feeling they might get popular very soon, since Beards are.
Anyway, the beards are now in TFD and they have gone down a lot!
I don't think all the colors are there, are they? 
Some jammers are suggesting beards to return to stores!

Comment Question: Do you want to see beards returning?

Hmm. If the question was asked to me, I'd probably get quizzed up. .3.
Don't forget to answer it! ^.^
Can't wait to see what jammers think... EEEEE!

Anyway, the Night of the Phantoms will be here in no time!

So Night of the Phantoms will be here next Wednesday!
Keep your eyes peeled, a lot of fun is coming to Jamaa soon, indeed, very soon!
The exotic bears; Pandas are on their way to Jamaa on the 3rd of October!

In this honor, of Night of the Phantoms is released a new current gem code!
Don't forget to type in SPOOKY before you log in to get a special amount of gems!

Cool! Anyway, nobody wants 500 gems nowadays.
In case you wanna purchase today's rare and don't have enough gems, be sure to use this code!
Oh and this will expire after the Night of the Phantoms have departed...

Today, I found out a quite wacky glitch!

Credit to Pumaa, for taking this glitch in!
Do you see that invisible animal jumping suddenly from the Leopards body?
I wonder if it's a ghost! >.<
Got any cool glitch?
Send it in to: 
And we'll feature it with credit given to you, please mention your user!

And lastly, we conclude with the daily explorer post!

Don't forget to check the post out!
That tiger is also wearing a skirt, I think it was out as a Monday Rare?

Okay! That's all for today, jammers!
I'll go and finish my home-works now! :D
Until the, play wild!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bulky Golden Phantom and some awkward stuff o.o

Meow jammers!
Sunday, so I am sort of free. Anyway, tomorrow, school is closed for some kinda reasons that I don't know exactly what it is...
Anyway, Night of The Phantoms are in their way, and in celebration of that, arrives today's new item!

I'm surprised how it only costs 'A' diamond. o.o
Yay! -Bursts in happiness-
This item was released as Monthly-Member-Gift like a while ago.
Today it's brought back but with a new first word 'Bulky'. XD
So generally, I think the other Golden Phantoms are going to be returning soon!
Be sure to purchase one of these spooky items for your Spooky Den, which will be coming soon!

Speaking of spooky stuff, I have a little spooky cavern in my den!

My den is unlocked, usually!
Feel free to visit it anytime you wish. :D
And in case you don't know my user, here it is: Sweetpanda56789

Autumn is here, and very soon the Night of the Phantoms will be here!
Relating to Autumn, this blog will soon be getting it's new templates featuring the current season Autumn!
Is it Autumn for where you live? It's Autumn for me here, and we have 6 seasons the whole year round.

The leaves of Jamaa have started to fall!
In Autumn, leaves become orangey. I sure do hope that you all know that. XD

This is Autumn in real life.
Isn't it so beautiful? :D
Really love the season Autumn! ^.^

Comment Question: Which is you favorite season of all? Why?

If you ask me, my fave season is Spring. I really love the nature! :)

Anyway, as the heading says, here are the really awkward moments of AJ today!

So we all had dressed up as carrots today. XD
We were just getting bored, so we decided to team up and do this!
Big shout-out to jammers from the AJS: Blingbling02, Cloudclaws, Pandahearn, Akachip8967, Arcticjammer9910 and Jammer133166 for helping in taking the snaps!
It was really, fun, hope you were there too. :C
Maybe next time, you can also join! :D

This uncommon idea was about Carrots whom an Evil Panda chops. XD
I know, really awkward, huh? XD
Today was really fun, and mentioning the word 'today' here are two quotes:

This one was made by my classmate. :)

And this one was made by me!

Anyway, that's all for today!
See you in Jamaa! ^.^
Play wild! C:

Watch out for the new look of this blog COMING SOON!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Banyan Trees

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is the Banyan Tree,sold in Treetop Gardens! 

This is a truly giant tree which you can actually make your whole den a huge forest! AWESOME!

Pet Monkeys have also returned to Jamaa so be sure to pick yours up at the Diamond Shop!

THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE!!!!! What do you think Jammers! Bye!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

TBA and Update!

Meow jammers!
Sorry, I couldn't keep my posts up-to-date, but I'll try my best to do so... C:
Well, school's keeping on getting heavier everyday and I've been missing home-works lately. >.<
The exams are quite near, so I gotta focus on my studies more than AJ now. :o
Never mind, I will still be on AJ everyday. :)

Today's post will be somewhat short, because I gotta go to the movies to watch Galaxy of the Guardian. I've just 30 minutes to finish the post. DX
I'll try to edit this later. ^.<

So AJ had gone on maintenance for quite a long time, but a lot less hours than last time, anyway...
So, I'll skip the daily item cause I can't find it...
So starting with the Jamaa Journal, here we go with the first page:

These were released a long time ago as Monthly Member Gift (the system has left Jamaa now and instead we get diamonds).
You can purchase these cute little fellows in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds each. :D

Moving on the the second page, we have a new game called SPOT ON!

This game is situated near the top of Kimbara Outback!
Be sure to play it today! :)
It's quite an amazing game, you have to say the name of the animal (there are options to help you).
There are five sections, and one more which is locked.

I found 'Mammals' the easiest. :D
This game is useful to help you learn new names of new animals. C:D

The faster you can answer, the more gems you can receive. :)
It's type of a gemmy countdown. ;P

Here, on the third page we have a post about Pandas!

Yeah! So you guys guessed right!
These exotic and fluffy bears will soon be returning to their homeland!
Don't forget to watch the fun new video 'Pet Peeved'.

And at the conclusion page we end up with Otters and Autumn!

Remember, that AJ told us to gather in the Summer Carnival so they would adopt an otter!
That has been successful and so they have adopted one from a Local Aquarium!
They seem to have taking great care of it!
Let's not forget to see that amazing video then! :P

And lastly, Autumn is here!
It's Autumn where I live too. XD
Well, I know for those of you who live in Europe, it's not. :O
Anyway, Jamaa has got it's new look to the season Autumn!

Everything is a touch of orange now. :DDDDD

Comment Question: What is your favorite season? Why?

We are almost near to the Night Of the Phantoms!
Yay! I love this time of Jamaa, it's really fun. :D
Can't wait any longer, can you? 

Something awkward spotted is the new adventure TBA!
Many jammers say it's on process because it has not appeared on the Jamaa Journal and is not actually like the other adventures. It's mostly unfinished.
It was only there yesterday, but it certainly seems like AJ has removed it.

Credit to AJBB.

It is about being your pet and bringing Liza some Crystal Shards, let's think it's almost like the Forgotten Desert.
It is mostly unfinished and typically awkward. :O
Anyway, it has been spotted that this adventure have been removed.
I think this adventure will be here soon, and it so does seem exciting!
The fifth page remains a mystery! 

Anyway, lots of questions regarding this adventure, huh?
Let's see, maybe I can answer some...

Q 1. What does TBA stand for?
Ans 1: Well, as far as my guesses go, I think it stands for 'The Best Adventure'.
Q 2: Do you think it is a hack?
Ans 2: Some people in Jamaa were saying that, but I think it's probably not cause no jammers seem not to have been hacked. AJ won't let any hackers in anyway (except Fman who got in randomly).

Anymore questions quizzing up your mind? Don't bother, go ahead, ask it in the comments! I'd be glad enough to answer you. I have done the adventure for quite a few times!

Anyway, I'll be doing a post sometime soon (or maybe not at all, if I don't get time) about the new game Spot On. I can even post a video! 

Bye bye, going to the movies!
See you next Monday. :D

Monday, September 15, 2014

Rare Seaweed Boa

Hello Jammers! Today's rare item Monday is located on the 3rd Page in Bahari Bargains,be sure to purchase the new Rare Seaweed Boa for 900 Gems!

This rare item is just like the usual Seaweed Boa but Rare,its a bit on the pricey side and its for Members Only! :( But overall its a pretty neat item! Moving on,here is today's Daily Explorer Post all about today's RIM,the Seaweed Boa!

Moving on,today's new video has been released in Tierney's Theater all about Is Coral An Animal? Be sure to watch this interesting video!

Moving on,it seems that the Musketeer Boots are on there last day in Jamaa so be sure to purchase yours at Jam Mart Clothing before they leave!

Moving on,here is a strange glitch that was taken by xxsmile! It seems that her Hyena was dancing where it shouldn't be!

Again if you would like to share any Glitches you have encountered,feel free to comment them down below or send a screenshot of the Glitch and it will get featured! Moving on,since its Monday its time for a Monday Mystery!

What is the origin of Temple Of Zios? Why is the fallen Zios statue there? Why did certain Alphas come from that land? Comment your ideas down below! That's it for today's post! Happy Jamming!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hey! I'm a member!!! :DDD

Okay so the topic says it all!
I'll make a post about what I'm doing with my membership later!
Anyway, I can post double information on this blog now. XD
Bye guys!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Goodbye for a while!

Meow jammers!
I'm just too tired. Give me some time.
Blogging is a difficult task, after all.
Could Snowpaw or Cloudclaws possibly post until I'm back?
Please comment, if you can or can't...
If you can't, then I'll get some new authors until I'm back.
If you want to be one then comment. ^.<
Anyway, bye guys!
Take care!
Until then, play wild! :D

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Egyptian Hat

Oh my goodness! >.<
I didn't post yesterday! D: 
I was really busy that weekend. DX
Anywho, getting on with the new item . . 
The Egyptian Hat! ^-^
The first Egyptian clothing item to come to Jamaa . . EVER . . MUAHHAHAHA
Erm yeah.
Getting carried away. o.O
Looks adorable on otters. :D
I wonder if Jamaa had any Egyptian history at all?
Leaving the subject of Egyptian stuffz, here's the DE post!
Dey look so adorable . . TOO MUCH ADORABLE! O_O
Im hyper wow fdshfjdkslfdjkal
The Sugar Gliders sparkle more when they're cleaned . . x3
Anywho, that's all for today! Bye! :D

Friday, September 5, 2014

Papyrus Scrolls & New Trading System

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is located in Jam Mart Furniture,be sure to purchase the newest addition to the Egyptian Den Item Set the Papyrus Scrolls,for 400 Gems!

This is a really neat Egyptian Item as its mysterious like your an Animal Jam Detective! This is a great new addition to the Egyptian Den Set & Its Non-Member! Moving on,here is today's DE Post all about the brand new Egyptian Den Set!

Speaking of cool updates,have any of you noticed that AJHQ have completely remodeled the Trading System which is much easier to use and you can see who your trading!

Moving on,two brand new videos have been released in Brady's Theater and the Sarepia Theater: Worlds Weirdest: Flying Foxes How Many Types Of Alligator Have You Seen?

That's about it for today's post! Happy Jamming!

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