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Saturday, April 4, 2015

idk what to do as a title

Hey jammers!
Cloudclaws here, sorry about not posting on this blog. DX
I have been busy these days, and i also have my own blog, the Animal Jam River to keep up with. Right now im on Autumn break, so hopefully i'll try and post on this blog more. ^.^

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Heart Bracelets

Hey Jammers! SnowyPaw here today with the new item which is located in Jam Mart Clothing,so be sure to purchase your very own Heart Bracelet for 400 Gems!

Yay! Finally a non-member item! Now all Jammers can enjoy the spirit of the Friendship Festival! Comment Call: What is your favorite color combination? Moving on,since Valentines Day is just around the corner I made this cool outfit!

Here is what you'll need: Friendship Day Top Hat (Can be won in the new adventureSpecial Delievery) and White Angel Wings (These are no longer in stores but you can trade) Moving on,there are a load of new and interesting videos in all of the theaters!

So be sure to head on over to Tierney's Theater,Brady's Theater and the Sarepia Theater and watch this interesting video you may even learn something new! Moving on.its your last day to purchase your very own Terrace Chair from Jam Mart Furniture!

To wrap up my post for today I leave you with a new Daily Explorer Post all yet another Diamond Challenge so be sure to check it out on the Daily Explorer!

Thats about it for today's post! Happy Jamming & Play Wild!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two New Items

Yellow and hello everyone. :D
Not that the sentence above has a meaning. cuz it sounds cool. to me at least. 
It's me, cloudclaws again. I decided i will be posting everyday from now. c:
There's two new items today. First up is the heart eyepatch thingy. :D
also all of em are sold underwater.
i think it's a gud item.
But these new items have too much hearts for me. >.<
way too much. Like, waaay too much. :I
and too pink. All my animals are either blackish, brownish, or greyish-bluish whiteishy
second one . . 
i like dis much better.
cuz it looks cuter
i like how it looks on polar bears. c:
Polay bear eyes look so tiny. SUPER TINYYYYYYY :O
Cute picture of an otter . . 
it looks so soft. like velvet. :O
Or silk or whatever
okay bye guys :3
I need to go to bed now.
Yes it is night time here. :I

Monday, January 26, 2015

Rare pink purse...?

It's me, cloudclaws here again. ^.^
Today is RIM. :3
and dats awesome
but the RIM is Rare item Thursday.
Because i am 100% sure this was released on Thursday.
I don;t know why. I think some AJHQ worker accidentally did it. o.o
The colors are very nice though. Dark pink and icy blue go very well together. c:
SUPER expensive though. *gasp*
nearly 1000! *gasp*
nm rares, y u so expensive?!
Anyways, here are some LEAKED pictures of new items! o.o
I think toilets would be a fabulous idea. But don't you think the water is too high? o.o
is it a blockage?

^ XD
Also, a strange arctic wolf statue. O.O
A very amazing looking one though. :P
Credit for those leaked items goes to Lavendarstem!
thanks for sending them in. :3
Bye for now!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heart Headband + Window

No one has posted in a long while.
So i decided to post. ^-^
friendship day is almost here
there's 2 new items today. :D
o.o dat is a very long name
super duper long.
so long that the text is tinyyy :P
I like this item. Which is strange because the friendship day stuff has too much hearts for me. 
However i cannot find it matching ANY of my outfits at all . . o.o
another item is the heart window. :3
ehh i like the round wooden window better. 
this is also nice ^-^
have you seen da new welcome tutorial? :3
I love peck's voice. So cute <3
i think she would make new jammers feel more welcome to jamaa. ^.^
Bye for now!
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