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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Turkeys Hats & Ice Cream Cake Freezers Leaving

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is located in Jam Mart Clothing,so be sure to purchase the returning Turkey Hat for 250 Gems!

This item use to be sold at the Conservation Museum Shop,but I guess they removed it just so they could sell it in Jam Mart Clothing! This item is perfect for Thanks Giving! Be sure to purchase your very own Ice Cream Cake Freezer from Jam Mart Furniture before they leave Jamaa!

Meanwhile,the String Of Leaves used to be Non-Member but now there Member! AJHQ have only done this with a few items before. I wonder why they did it?


There is a brand new video all about Mammals and which one is the smallest,so be sure to head on over to Brady's Theater to watch this interesting video!

Thats about it for today's post! Happy Jamming & Play Wild!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Den+New Adventure+New Den Set+Adorableness...?

Meow jammers! :3
So it's meh posting after a whiiilllleeee.
Hmm, I'm only gonna be posting on Mondays and Thursdays from now on.
I'm getting authors for the rest of the week. (post coming soon!)
Anyways, it's an Update Thursday!
Today we have an epic update!

Hmm! So it's simply GREAT!!!
Head to the Diamond Shop today and grab it for 7 diamonds! :D
If you don't have enough diamonds to afford one, make sure you preview the den!
It's sort of village-ish and is situated on the sky! :D
There are also four wonders, gigantic ones-enough space for decoration! <3
Hmm, I might be getting one... Idk... I have 41 diamonds... So.. Maybe... Ugh.... IDK!!!

Filled with naturalistic scenery and slides.
Up above the clouds so high...Like a huge den in the sky. XD

Comment Call 1: Are you getting one? What is your opinion about this den? ^.^

Aww! These new adorablies have arrived at the diamond shop (as in the leaked images from twitter).
As heard from your guesses, YEP!!! It's the Polar Bears coming soon!
Don't forget to watch that COOL video to have an idea about them.. Hehe!

Leaked picture from AJINSIDERS Twitter account!

I think that's the actual future cookie! x3
Again in the diamond shop and for 10 diamonds again! >.<
They sure do seem nice and huge though.. anddd they can even go underwater! :D

Comment Call 2: Are you getting a Polar Bear? What is your opinion about them?

CONFUSING!!! Sure is... >.<
I made it to the center and got 2 amazing gifts!

Cornstalk Lantern (left) and Harvest Cart (right).

These new items will be nice to be put on the new den! C;

Meanwhile getting to the center, you can collect special colored keys to unlock the same colored chests to get prizes! :T
Not to hard to get the chests, but to the center AHH!!!

Comment Call 3: Have you done this adventure yet? What's your opinion about it? ^.^

This is an Autumn adventure meaning Autumn is here!
In edition to that, AJ Jewel will soon be getting it's new Autumn theme!
And so has AJ already got it... XD

Also there's a new (returning actually) Jam -A-Gram and Icons!

New Jam-A-Gram and new Hot Cocoa Icon
Snowflake Icon

Bitter Sweets has left Jamaa occasionally, replacing it with Twists and Turn!

I will be doing a tutorial on how to get to the center shortly!

Now let's continue to the fourth page! :3

Weeee! So it finally arrived! As I thought so! :)
And yay! The Ice Armor is on sale! Best time to get the set! :DDD

Interesting items for people who like fashion and stuff! x3

Here's how it was decorated on the Jamaa Journal!

You could copy this, adding a floor and a wall! C:

Okay so that was the end of the Jamaa Journal!
Whoa, only four pages!
But the update was pawesome! 
Whad'cha' think? ^.<

Anyways, there's a new item... :O

I think this came out today... :o
The elephants seem cute in the machine but not when you get one! >.<

A new post is coming about being an author soon!
If you want to apply then check this blog often to read the post!
Anyways, that's all for today!
Play wild! ^.<

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mini Update+New Animal?

Meow jammers!
Sorry for my lack of posts, I couldn't keep up-to-date with this blog.
Hopefully, I'll be back to normal by next week (after the Foundation Day at school ends).
Anyways, a post about authors will be coming soon!

There's a small new update today, but first let me show you the new items..
Not saying anything about them, since there are 3 new items, and an update to go..

Located at: Jam Mart Clothing 
No. of available colors: 8
Item: Returning this year

Feathered Mask:
Located at: Epic Wonders (clothing orb)
No. of available colors: 7
Item: Returning this year

Candy Bowl:
Located at: Jam Mart Furniture
No. of available colors: 1 (not changeable)
Item: Returning this year

Okay, now moving on to the Jamaa Journal.
Here is the first page:

The Pet Owls, which were the Monthly Member gift one, have once again returned to the Diamond Shop!
Just like the other pets, it also costs 3 diamonds!
Good that it's a flying pet, though...

Aww! That sure is cute! ^.^

On the second page we have a great exciting news! C:

Jammers have been wanting this from a long time!
Thank you so much AJ! :DDD
We really appreciate it that you heard our voice! ;)

Yay! 400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have 276 XD
I can store a lot more. You can only place 300 though.
I think that's quite enough. Yeah...

On the third page is some shopping and Night of The Phantoms news! :3

Well, not all of the spooky items are on sale!
Like some of them are...

The spooky items will be leaving soon!
Be sure to grab your faves before they are gone! (Few more weeks)

On the last page is another mystery! -o.o-

Clue 1: The picture (observe closely)
Clue 2: Huge Nose
Clue 3: The line "In the middle of a SNOWSTORM" explains it all!
It means the animal is a cold habituated one.. And umm maybe from the North/South Poles!
It could be, possibly, hmm, say a....
-Sniff- -Sniff-

Comment Call: What do you think is the new animal? What are you willing to see?

Okay don't forget to answer the Comment Question!
Bye for now, I have some unfinished work waiting to be done..
Play wild!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Phantoms Take Over The Jamaa Journal!

Meow jammers!
Today's Thursday, which means UPDATE but there were some jammers who were just getting crazy like 'WHY IS DERE AN UPDATE TODAAAAY?!?!?!'.
Could anyone make me clear? x3
This update is just a mini one....
Anyways, we'll start off with the new items and then the update. 

This is spooky, not cute. :P
All the colors don't seem spooky though...

The second item is the returning Spooky Tree!!!

This is my image from last year.
The item costs 1000 gems now. :)
Well, since it's on sale. Oh yeah! XD
These trees are seen in one of the wonders at Bitter Sweets.

Now for the first page of the Jamaa Journal:

The Jamaa Journal is now in the hands of the Phantoms. x3
They've just put the gooey word 'Phantoms' above Jamaa. :I
Anyways, the first page tells us about the NEW ITEMS in celebration of the Night of The Phantoms.
I have a feeling that those costumes which the Panda is wearing might come out! :)
I sorta like the tail.... :P

On the second page, we have the news about a new party and Pet Bats, as clued earlier in the Daily Explorer.

I was wondering that the Haunted Forest Party came but not the Spooky Party...
But now they're here! :D
Don't forget to visit this fantastic party and do some spooky shopping!

I certainly won't be on till that. >.<
However, here are the items:

Credit to Mimi5000

The Pet Bats have returned once again in the Spooky Party!
Good to hear they're not in the Diamond Shop! :D

Click the area which is circled to get your Pet Bat.
Well, it's my image from last year since I couldn't visit it this year.

I really hope at least this pet could have been for non-members. DX
Sorry, I don't know if there are any changes, this is my image from last year again...

Moving on to the third page we have a new AJ app!

You can get it on Itunes, but it costs money...
This was out before, but it's now a better version!
You can actually hear AJ music in this app.

Comment Question #1: Have you got the app? Do you like it? 

For the fourth page, we have the Cheetahs becoming endangered warning once again.

Two more weeks to go until they become endangered! :C
Hope to see you returning soon, Cheetahs! :)
Btw, did you notice they wrote Get Out Of 'HEAR'! 
Lol. It seems like they don't know how to spell. :o

I haven't even noticed it's just been ONE WEEK since Bitter Sweets was released?!?!
I've already played it several time! :P

Comment Question #2: What was your highest chest at Bitter Sweets?

Mine was 700, with 3 of my buddies.
Did you know you can also do the Time Glitch in Bitter Sweets and get a 1000 candies?
Yeah but sadly, if you do the time glitch, you will have to finish it all by yourself!

Another new drawing tutorial has been featured in Sketch Jam!
And this time, it is a wolf! :)
Yay! I've always wanted to draw one! :P

Send us your drawings to and we'll feature it here in our blog with credit given to you! ^.^

That's the end of this mini, but great update!
P.S I have found someone with the Chocolate Peck! :O
I will feature it with Monday's post! :)
So be sure to check that post if you want to know how Choco Peck looks like! :)
Good luck avoiding the phantoms!
Until then, play wild and have a happy Night of The Phantoms!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Skeleton Suit and Candy Wonderland!

Meow jammers!
Sorry, I have missed a lot of posts lately. >.<
I might have come online but not posted.
Ik, I'm becoming lazy these days...
I am thinking about getting a few more authors, I'll make a post about it sooner.
Anyway, today's item is a bit of spooky...

It is found at Epic Wonders.
I think it's simply awkward. XP
I wish it glowed, then it could have been spookier.
Anyway, I think this is only fit for a tiger? x3

Btw, when I clicked the den orb at Epic Wonders; I saw that the items are on sale!!!

Best time to get the items!
They were so expensive! :O
It will be easier if you are making a brick collection now. :P
Hopefully, the clothings will be on sale too!

Well, my friend, Xxdell74xX made a candy shop, but it is in her spare account 'Juccuzzi'.
Lol. That's one confusing username, but I sure do like it! :D
Anyways, here are some snapshots!

At the corners of the den, there are counters.

This is where the chocolates are being made from.

Barrels full of chocolate gems.

The counter to the left. There are even candy windows!

The place for a candy boss!
The chair in which the Arctic Wolf is sleeping is called the Candy Sofa. 
It may be hard to get one...

For today, I will do an Item Hunt!

The item is:


It is a seldom earned item from Bitter Sweets.
You probably get it at 1000 candies! Darn! >.<
Sorry, I don't have a picture of the item, and never seen it too.
I heard people say it's quite a very rare item!
So be sure to get one! ^.^
Hopefully, I will try and get one; and then, feature it on my blog! :3

Here is the Comment Question, related to the new adventure for then:

How many candies can you get at an average from Bitter Sweets? Have you ever got above 700? 

Anyway, that's all for today!
P.S I might not be able to post tomorrow since I might be going to the Cinemas.
And the new post about applying to be an author will be here in 3 days!
Okay bye!

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