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Friday, December 27, 2013

Deer Antlers

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Deer Antlers which go perfectly with Deer fur. ^.^
It seems like AJHQ listened to my idea. :P
ORR they have the special power to read minds. xD
I still prefer the original antlers, but these still look pretty cool on animals. :3 What other type of antlers/horns do you think AJHQ should do? ^_^
Now, here's the winners of the Jammer snaps!
 There was a jammer snaps competition? o.o
Aww, i wish i had entered. DX Congrats to those who won! :)
Happy jamming!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Paw Candy

Meow jammers!
So posting after a few days. :P
Today's gift is the new, Candy Cane tie. XD

Lol. Ik it looks weird, but it looks better than the ordinary ties. XD
It doesn't actually look so weird on wolves, on the picture but it does when your in the lands. XD

Today's item is the returning Paw Candy at Jam Mart Furniture.

This item has always been my favourite.
It isn't so huge, though.
I can't think of any ideas to decorate with it, but this items really cute.
And nobody got yesterday's maze right, even after I made it so easy. ;_;

And yesterday was my bday. ^.^
My friends came up over for a party, so I didn't get time on AJ. XD
It was a really fun bday this year. I am 11 now. :D
And now people in Jamaa started a new thing. T.T

Another trick of getting free stuff. XD
But you know, it's fine, as long as it's not scamming. :)
Wish you all a merry christmas. :D
Tomorrow is christmas, I wonder what tomorrow's gift will be. 
It lost partly HUGEE!

 Btw, I changed my profile pic to something winter. :)

Do you like it?
Kinyonga made me it. :D

2014 is on the way.
Changes and new things are coming to Jamaa. :D
I bet AJ might be fair to non-members this time. :)
What do you think will be here in 2014?
Here are a few things, that might...


The new land, beside Mt. Shiveer.


Improvements to the oceans, so that more animals visit them and enjoy underwater.

3. New dens (for non-members)

4. Safe from scamming.

5. Umm?


What else do you think is coming?
Feel free to share your ideas. :D
Until then, play wild!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Bow and arrows?

Hey jammers! Im gonna be posting today since no one posted. Is that ok, Sweetpanda? :)
 Today's gift is yet, another returning one but a nice one. :P
Bows and Arrows! ^.^
I guess the people who wanted bows can wear them now. C:
I remember the first time i joined AJ and got a bow, everyone was like wearing it. o.o
Im gonna get some of my storage's on and make a bow and arrow collection. >:3
Meanwhile, today's rare is the Rare Hood With Feather! 
 Ooh, interesting pattern on the feather. :3
I like the original one better though. :P I have a feeling
that feather is based on a bird..
Here's a post on the Daily Explorer!
Cool. I never knew it was first found in Turkey.
Well, you learn something new everyday i guess. :P
And about this part:
"We wounder if owning this stone will help you in your adventures?"
 The first thing that came to my mind was birthstone amulets to wear in the adventures. XD
But if there really where birthstone amulets in Jamaa, i reckon is would be cool. :3
Jam on!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Reindeer Poop and Jamaaliday Necklace

Meow jammers!
So posting after a long time again.
Well, we were about to go to vacations today, but it's been cancelled and we might go later or maybe no going. :C
Anyway, today's gift is the returning Cookie Table.

Just as I predicted because yesterday we had got the chair. XD

Anyway, today's item is the returning Reindeer stuff. .o.

I wonder why AJ put something nasty like this in the game. XD
-Adds to dislike list-

There's another item today (or did it come out before?)
The Jamaaliday Necklace. .3.

Not much fan of this item.
You know, it doesn't look like it's a necklace or something. XD

And one thing which AJ just changed and which is totally unfair!

I just noticed it became member.
It was non-member and it was also in my den. 

Look! I'm sitting beside the raccoons.
This is totally unfair AJ. :C

And here's a maze for you to complete. LOL.
It totally easy.
Try getting out and just make sure you don't step on the red lines. XD

Lol. Kiddish. XD
First person to finish it gets any Jamaaliday item from the diamond shop. :3
Well, just tell me go up then right then left like this and I'll figure it out. :P

By the way, my sis created a blog. 
Maybe you can check it out. :)

Click the pic to go to the blog. :)

Good Luck figuring the way out of the maze.
Until then, play wild!

P.S a little editing to my signature. :)
What do you think of it? :D

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Greely's Inferno

Hey jammers! There's good news and bad news today, but mostly good news.
But lets start with the good news, New items are in the Jamaaliday Jam shop! ^.^
Cosmo's den is also now sold in the diamond shop! :D I like Cosmo's
den, it looks so nice and nature-y. ^_^ I think it might be
my new favorite den now! :3 If only i had enough diamonds to buy it. DX Meanwhile, lets look at
the new items! C:
I love that phantom plushie! :D I also like the Mira Ornament and the Zios Ornament, 
they make great decorations! ^.^ I like all the other items too, but it would have been better if AJHQ made at least one more item nonmember. :C

*skips advertisements*

It also looks like 2014 is on the way in Jamaa! :3
I sure am excited for the New year, What new items do you think will be sold? ^.^
Anyway, today's gift is the marshmallow chair!

Yay, AJHQ fixed the invisible item glitch. :P
Meanwhile, the update also brings the new adventure, Greely's Inferno!
It was a epic and very exciting adventure. ^.^ It currently is Jamaa's biggest adventure yet! :D
Now for the bad news. *deep breath* 
Near the end of the adventure, Greely was angry at me for trying to save Jamaa yet AGAIN, i was excepting Greely to have understood by now. Anyway, he told be that im Jamaa's last hope and i have to defeat the phantom king. After defeating him, He said that he had failed and the volcano would soon erupt, I was horrified and wondered what could happen to Jamaa now. The next thing suprised me, Greely finally understood that we can actually save Jamaa and praised me for defeating the phantom king, i was overjoyed that Greely finally understood. The ground shook and i remembered about the volcano, but just then, Greely told me he had an idea and could stop the volcano from erupting, he started doing magic stuff with his paw. He told me to not look back and go. So i did, i got out of the volcano as quickly as i could. Then i saw a video of the volcano erupting, i wondered what would happen now but then, a very weird thing happened. The lava froze into ice! o-o Anyway, i was back where i started with Graham, Cosmo and Liza. I spoke to Cosmo but i was horrified by what he said. Cosmo said Greely might not have made it alive, but he was a hero. 
Sorry if i bored you, but the bad news is that Greely might be dead. ;-;
I was sad at first. But then, i remembered that Animal Jam WAS a kids game and
they wouldn't just kill of a character would they? Which is today's Daily Mystery..
What do you think about what happened to Greely?
Was he able to escape the volcano?
Where is he now? Feel free to write a story. ^.^

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Candy Cane Crowns

Hey jammers! I missed an item yesterday which was the candy cane crown, sorry. >.<
Today's new item is the Candy Cane Tiara. :3
 Yay, They're nonmember! :D
I like Candy canes. ^.^ Especially Mint flavored ones. C:
 Now everyone can be a candy cane Queen/King! :P 
I like the crown better for some reason, even though im a girl. o-o Anyway, here's the Jamaaliday Gift!

 I think its a very decorative mailbox. ^.^ I think the white stuff is marshmallows,
but what is the mailbox made out of? o-oMeanwhile, Here's the Daily mystery...
In the chamber of knowledge, there is a big circle, but in the Beta Days, it wasn't painted..
Here's the circle painted.
Why was it painted?
What does it represent? Look at the yellow shape,
it looks like a sun. Is it something to do with Zios? Feel free to write
a story or share your opinion about why the circle was painted. ^.^
Happy jamming!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gingerbread Garden

Hey jammers! is it okay if i post today, Kinyonga and Sweetpanda?Anyway,
Today's gift was 800 gems, I wonder when we will reach 1000 gems. :P
 today's new item is the Gingerbread Garden in Epic Wonders. :3
I like this item, it's very cute and creative. ^.^ It would
look wonderful in Gingerbread dens. :D What other gardens do you think
AJHQ should make? :) I have been thinking a Temple themed garden would be good. ^.^
The seat could have vines growing on it, the stone and the building made out of stone, and there
could be lots of little shrubs and moss growing. What do you think? :3
Meanwhile, here's some screenshots of some animals on AJ doing sports. :P
What a perfect dive! :D
Hurdle jumping. :3 Be careful you don't fall head-first though. o.o
Fun fact: Cheetahs can run around the world in about 3 milliseconds. :D
If only real cheetahs could do that. :P
Climbing.....invisible walls?!
Hope you enjoyed them, Happy jamming. ^.^

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hat and Beard

Meep Jammers!

Today's gift are the brand new Holiday Bells!
Very yellow and shiny and festive :p
The black blobs on the holly berries make it look like two eyes and a nose, though o.o

And today's returning item is the traditional Hat & Beard!
 Ahhh, so cheap! :3

Sorry I can't make this a super interesting post, I "g2g".


Not posting a few days..

Meow jammers!
I won't post the next 3 days.
And now you might ask me why.
Well, tomorrow, I am going out.
Day after tomorrow my sister is asking me to help her with her stuff and watch a movie.
And two days after I need to clean up my study table which is a real mess and would take me like 3-4 hours.
And I might be free the next day. :D
And 3 days, Kinyonga, can you post? C:
And maybe, post today also cause I'm not in the mood. .3.

And well, I was looking for some christmas gifts. :)
If you have some, then comment below:
1. What item/s it is.
2. Which days present it was.
3. What you want for it (be fair). Or will you give it for free? :P
4. Your AJ username.
Okay. That's all.

And I decided to make the Singing Sunday to Shout Out Sunday.
Today's shout out goes to
For posting all these days when I couldn't.
Thanks a lot. ^.^'

Yesterday's Tricky Thursday was technically a bit hard, so you can enter today too. :D
Can you say which Shop of Jamaa, you can see these bottles in.

Winner receives:

Holiday Bells

Later jammers!
Play wild

Friday, December 13, 2013

Jamaaliday Earmuffs

Meow jammers!
So, starting with the gifts. :P
Today, we have an adorable cute gift.
It's the new Giant Snow Globe.

Aww. So cute. ^.^

It's a moving item. The snowdrops keep falling. It's pretty nice. :D
-Adds to favourite list-

And today's returning item is the Jamaaliday Earmuffs.

The thingy which covers the ears looks rather hard than soft wooly. .o.

And, I know that the gift on the 21st "might" be a diamond.
Here's how..

It's shining. I bet there's a diamond in there. :P

And today is Tricky Thursday.

Can you say which place of Jamaa this is?

I'll give you a clue,
It's in a shop. :)

Good Luck!
Play wild!

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