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Animal Jam is a game with lots of glitches around. Some are annoying and some are cool. Sometimes, we make the glitches and sometimes it's made automatically. Here are all those glitch which keeps happening to me.

Members become non-members. x3

Invisible jammers or floating potions and ice-creams?

While making an animal, sometimes this glitch occurs. 

Sometimes the floor or wallpaper is glitched. Only other players than the owner of the den can see it. 

Is it a hamster or Bongo Drums?  Confusing, right?

Avatar Name?!?! What's that?

What place did Awesome Bravehero get? What does NaN gems mean? 

I see a seal and a koala. How can two people stay at the same spot? :O

This annoying glitch happens all the time. You have to refresh the page to get out. There is no other way.

That's all for now. I might be posting more glitches soon. 
Until then, play wild!


Melody Fontneau said...

That hamster being shown as "bongo drums" made me giggle.

Cloudclaws said...

The seal and the koala was very funny. XD

Countess ShyGirl said...

I see that all the time on animal jam lol :3

SnowyPaw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

funky lishes


mia taylor said...

Glitches r weird.

riverclanwarrior(moonstar88745) said...

I see two people at once in best dressed all the time now... also, there is an ocean glitch where your land pets are underwater! it happens all the time with my kangaroos! there is a glitch in canyons pathway where you change into your other animal and you are on the wall! may starclan keep you from harm. -moonstar88745

Anonymous said...

Lol that selooa ( seal/koala) d XDXD the same time as a whole lot of people who are not the intended recipient, you can get a chance to win the game. I have a great day. I have a great day. I have a great day. I have a great Ok I was typing random thing s lol :P

SnowyPaw said...

Those glitches must have been annoying!

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