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Meow jammers!
Welcome to the codes page. Here is a complete list of codes. I'm sorry there are no free membership codes from Animal Jam. If there are any new codes please let me know.

These are the codes which are still working:

twelve - 1 Diamond
dolphin - 500 Gems
koala - 500 Gems
drawing - 500 Gems
kangaroo - 500 Gems
alphas - 500 Gems
hooot - 500 Gems
drawing - 500 Gems
AJHQ3000 - 500 Gems
discovery  -  1000 Gems
ngkidsrox - 1000 Gems
explorer - 100 Gems
bemybuddy - 500 Gems
ngexplorer - 1000 Gems
10million - 10 Million Banner
AJBDAY3 - 3rd Birthday Cake

You enter them before logging in. Type a valid code and log in.

Then after your game loads, you will get a message from AJ HQ.

 It says "click to get your gift". Click the gift and get your item or gems. Be sure to use all of them before they expire. 
Until then, play wild!


priyoraihan178boy said...

sweet panda how are you? where did you get the codes?

Sweetpanda AJ said...

I'm fine, thanks for asking. Some people around Jamaa tells me the codes and some are from one of Snowyclaw's videos. :)

mia taylor said...

I will use the codes!

chelsea divel said...

oh cool thanks for the codes!

moonstar88745 said...

I know one that does not work

SnowyPaw said...

Thanks for the codes Sweetpanda!

Cloudclaws said...

Thanks for the codes! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for the codes.I am pouncer06

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