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Monday, November 25, 2013

Candle Ornament

Meow jammers!
So, I've decided that I'll post the days when I come on.
Well, because I feel to bored in AJ.
Now, today's new/returning item is the Candle Ornament at the Jam-Mart-Furniture Shop.

I bet it's returning, cause I've seen it before "maybe".
Nice item, but don't you think the candle is a bit too fat? XD
It comes in colors! :D
It's nice fore winter, you know. You can get warmer. XD
Candles can also help you in the dark.
Maybe, you can use it in a dark place at your den. ^.^
Sorry non-members. :(
Sorry me non-member. :'(

I think some more new items will come out at the Pets-Only-Party.
It's 2 hrs and 30 mins later and I guess I can't be on at that time.
And here are a few graphics I made out of the Globe in the loading screen. ^.^

Click for larger version.
Right click the mouse and click "save as".
You can use all three/any with credit. :)

And today, I saw a lot of jammers with the new Ice Armour. 

Shiny and sparkly.
It looks like the Leopard is frozen.
I love it! :D
It's nice, you can now have ice powers. :D
You can get it with any redeemed gift card, as said in the Jamaa Journal.
What do you think of the new ice armour? :)

Later jammers!
Play wild!


Anonymous said...

i like the ice armour
its so cool, shiny & sparkly
i wish i could wear one, i have one though
i am a non-member :(
and i have the full set
if anyone wants it i can trade
offer for it if you want........

Cloudclaws said...

I might be getting an ice armor soon! :)
Im so so sorry for not posting on your blog these days. :(

Cloudclaws said...

i will post tomorrow if you want

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Your free to post any day before the 1st of January.
Just 1 thing, if I post earlier, then you might not need to post.
And sure, you obviously can post today. :)

Soul Fairy said...

Cool Graphics!!!!

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