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Friday, July 25, 2014

Snake Balloon Hat & Animal Jam Help Page Updated!

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is located in the Summer Carnival,be sure to purchase the new Snake Balloon Hat for 2,000 Tickets!

The Snake Balloon Hat is perfect for a carnival outfit! Moving on,here are two new items that I missed yesterday,be sure to purchase the Beta Table in the Beta Party for 300 Gems and the Cactus Fence in Treetop Gardens for 300 Gems!

Meanwhile here is today's DE Post all about some amazing Jammer Art - Birds!

Congratulations to all of the Jammers that got their awesome art featured on today's DE Post! Moving on,Overflow is on 2x Gems.Be sure to play Overflow in Crystal Sands to earn double Gems!

Animal Jam's Help section has been updated with a nice modern new look! Much more better,and easier to use for new Jammers exploring Jamaa! 

The First Diamond Code has finally arrived in Jamaa....

The Code: TWELVE which gives you 1 Diamond Thanks AJHQ! Meanwhile there are Three new videos in Tierney's Theater,Brady's Theater and The Sarepia Theater!


Remember Jammers that new videos are being released everyday,so check back everyday for more awesome videos! That's about it for today's post! Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Winning item of the Accessory Contest and Unexpected Update!

Meow jammers!
So the winning item of the Accessory Contest has finally revealed.
It is a fine neck-wear for those who likes stories like Sinbad.

So you can dress up like a cowboy, a superhero, a musketeer and so much more with this all new item!
It is a great way!
I sort of love this item in a way.
You can wear it with some of the clothing items of Jamaa.
It would be a perfect match.
If I had to give examples, then: Cowboy boots, Cowboy rope, Musketeer boots. 

And there lay an unnoticed item in Jam Mart Clothing.

It has got no new sign, and I didn't read about it in any blog. 
The item looks like Peppermint.
Good for the Jamaalidays, don't you think.
Give your own ratings for both these fantastically new items in the comments.

I'm tired saying about items.
So let's go with ratings.
Look: ***
Price: ****
Jamaasian: ***

10 out of 15. 
Not bad then!

Updates are usually in Thursdays, but today it took place on a Wednesday.
Maybe cause last Thursday there wasn't any update.
Some say it's cause AJ couldn't wait any longer for tomorrow. XD
But on a side-note jammers also couldn't wait any longer because AJ was on maintenance for a very long time. :ooo
So jammers suggested it better be a good update!
And yeah, it turned out exactly that.
So let's see what the Jamaa Journal says.

That is such an honor for these returning one-horned creatures!
Now we also have baby rhinos which we can keep by our side.

This was everyone's favourite part about this update.
Many jammers' dreams came true.
They had always wanted to experience the betas.
So this party will come in handy! ^.^
This party is situated in the Beta Duplex Den, which was for non-members in the beta days.
Many wanted this den to return, because it had more space to decorate.
It hasn't returned to buy again, but you can have a sneak-peak at the Party. ^.<
Here are some snaps, in case you missed the party.
I have also added some description. :)
It was on just after the update.


Above the bridge. Kind of a lawn.

The first floor, which you arrive while walking right side the bridge.

The second floor. Which you walk above the ladder and come here.

And finally the ground floor. Which you walk down the stairs from the first floor.

This is the right corner of the ground floor.
It is also selling items.
I first thought is would sell betas.
But it turns out:

Lol. Not a big fan of these items.
The party is covered in den betas though.

So, could you guess what the new item is?
It says it's hidden throughout the Jamaa Journal.
And credit to SparklesAJ for telling me.
Hint: An underwater animal.
Guessed yet?
Look at the top left corner (the border) starting from the 2nd page till the last.
They spell:

And as I posted at the top, the new item is the exclusive Ribbon Scarf!

So, cool!
You can even click the Panda for a link!
I wonder what is in that.
Maybe I'll tell my Uncle to get me that from Canada. ^.^
I will post pictures if I get it.

Can't go to stores and buy, order it online at

Isn't that great?
Just one confusion is that when you click vote now, you can't decide. XD
They all just look equally awesome. ^.^
Click the magnifying glass to zoom in for a larger version and better vision.

A fun place to hangout with your buddies!

Like Makeup and Hairstyles? This is the best place.

Adventurous and antique. Very majestic. A day of a kings life.

So which one do you want to see come to Jamaa?
Confused, right?
Yeah, they all look epic.
I have a feeling they might be member. ):
And sadly, you can only vote one. D:
Or else I would have voted all three. XD
Many people voted none, cause they like all three. .3.
I voted Hair Salon, even after I don't like this style stuff. It looks nice and neon, which I kind of like.
My sis voted Egyptian, cause she likes antiques and history. She also likes the design of the items and their quality.
Which did you like best, and why? Tell us in the comments. We'd love to hear. ^.^
Be sure to vote the poll on the right.

The newest ocean adventure is now available in Hard Mode.
Brady and Tierney are gonna post videos everyday now in their theaters.
Be sure to check them out!
Any questions about animals? Ask Brady or Tierney, and they will give you an answer.

Need more diamonds?
Get a free diamond now! How, here's how:
A new diamond code now exists!
Type in TWELVE before you log in to receive 1 diamond!

And so that's the end of this unexpected update!
Oh wait, not!
The scary loading page themes have now been replaced with cute friendly themes.
Here are some which appeared to me:

Okay, so that's the end.
A looong and greaaat update!
What did you think of this update?
Tell us in the comments!

And sorry for not posting yesterday.
I was very badly sick.
Here's yesterday's item:

I don't have any more time for anything else.
Mom's telling me to rest!
So bye. I'll try to edit this later.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rare Nautillus Necklace

Meow jammers!
So as always, it's Monday today with another of our RIMS.
This rare look somewhat familiar to me.

Nice. There's a Nautilus there. ^.^
I have nothing to say, so let's go with ratings.
Price: ***
Look: ****
Jamaasian: ****
Woo-hoo. So that's an 11 out of 15!
Not bad! Don't forget to give your own ratings in the comments! ^.^
A nautilus is a marine creature which stays in a shell.

nautilus images এর চিত্র ফলাফল

That is a Nautilus.
Now you must be going 'OOH I MUST HAVE SEEN IT'.
 Cause yeah you did! They appear in many movies.

And do you know why the rare looks familiar?
Look at this!

Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit

This item was out last year and it must have gone on clearance.
So the rare costs 500 more gems and the chain's color is different.

New items are now going on clearance.

So each week, six items are on clearance.
Okay, if that's so, everything's gonna go very soon.
The computer is gonna be rare again. ^.^

That's all I got for today.
Sorry I couldn't make it an interesting post today. .o.
I've got to prepare the presents and decorate for my dad's birthday today. ^.^
Oh, well, tomorrow we are gonna play a small guessing game. :D
So keep your eyes peeled.
Until then, play wild!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meh! Stegosaurus dinosaurs aren't extinct! o.o

Meow jammers!
Well I have to type in the dark today cause my mom's sleeping here and I can't turn on the lights.
Actually, my computer has now shifted to my parent's bedroom for my dad, who eventually now needs the hand of the computer - who is seldom seen to use the computer. It's for job resources and stuff bla bla.
This computer is actually my dad's and I had my very own laptop which was dead with all those crazy red viruses and couldn't be fixed. I certainly now got the permission to use my dad's computer. 
Well probably, he bought me a new tab instead of a laptop again. Yeh, know...
Anyway, sorry for those thingies about my life.
Now coming back to the daily item as usual.
So today we have....? ^.^

Ooh, bless my tail. It's a Stegosaurus Tail! o3o
Yikes! >.<
So it's spikey and harmful? Guess not. .3.
The item yet looks impressive. ^.^
So jammers can wear this along with the armor and be a dino!!!
So stegosaurus aren't extinct! :oooo
2500 Tickets is way too expensive for just a tail. :T
I bet it's huge according to the price, and as it is a dinosaur's tail.

So seems like the dinosaur itself is quite spiky.
I've read about this dino but never saw a pic. I knew it had spikes, but not this huge. :l
Do you think the animated AJ tail and the dinosaur's look alike? XD

Snowypaw was supposed to post yesterday, but for some problem she didn't post on my blog neither on her blog. :(
If anything is wrong or she is sick, I hope it will be fine soon. ^.^
Thank you very much for posting all these days I couldn't!
I hope she will be back soon!
You can check her blog out here! Or click the image.

Click the picture above to visit Snowypaw's blog

Anyway, here's yesterday's item! ^.^

Stegosaurus Armor at the Summer Carnival.
Eh, what'd ya think?
I have nothing much to say about it so I can do it by stars: (out of 5)
Look: ***
Price: *
Jamaasian: **
So that's 6 out of 15. :(
So that's a fail mark out there. XD
You could give your own ratings down in the comment section.
I'm planning to make the Blogger comment system to Disqus comment system.
It's cause Blogger is laggy and take's more time.
Disqus is free, and less-laggy. You can comment more than usual then.
I'll go finish my Harry Potter book!
Until then, play wild guys!

Credit to Google images for stegosaurus image.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sparkly Boa

Meow jammers!
I apologize for this extremely late post.
I know it's foolish this way, but my dad was on the computer yesterday so...
I never got a chance.
Instead I spend my day watching movies. .o.
And if you were wondering, I was watching Coraline an animated movie.
I liked it. :P
Anyway, here's today's item.

Sparkly Boa at the Jam Mart Clothing shop.
The item is not nice in my opinion. :3
The shape looks so awkward.
The color is also so terrible.
I can't even understand what that is. .3.
What do you think of this item?
-Haves taco-
Spicy. :o

And I've heard rumors about skullies returned to Jamaa.
Yet, I cannot say confidently unless I spot one.
I will post about it as soon as I've noticed a person with one of these.

Oh and new rule for the contest:
If you want to win, you must have at least above 15 comments. ^.^

Well I have nothing to make this post interesting.
And I'm reading a book, quite thick, and I gotta finish it.
Pretty interesting, it is.

So I guess it's time to say bye?
Okay then...
Good luck hunting for skullies!
Until then, play wild!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ant Farm + Ant Information

Meow jammers!
I'm just too tired today.
And I barely managed some time for posting. ^.^
So, it might be a short post today. .o.

Today we have the Ant Farm at Jam Mart Furniture.

Look at those ants!
They don't even look like ants, instead they look like cockroaches! XD
The item, yet, looks impressive. :3
Well they are just swirling one after one.
Don't they go dizzy? .3.
I guess AJ will now take out farm items.
The Ant Farm looks quite great if you put it on a shelf.
You can open the container and give them some food you don' wanna eat. :T
Ants help the food wasted. :)
When you drop food on the floor they help you clean it by taking it away. ^.^

I'll share some ant information/facts with you:

1. Ants live in colonies (collective of ants) that range in size.

2. Some male ants are called drones.

3. Ants have six legs. Their legs are hooked which help them to hang or climb vertical walls.

4. There are a large diversity of ants. 
We usually see black ants and sometimes red as well.

5. Black Ants are harmless and only take your food.
Red ants may bite you! And it hurts.

6. They live in burrows (ant habitat), where they even store their food.
The ants work together to get their food here.

7. The Queen Ant, who is great in size, only lays eggs.

8. Reproductive, queen and male ants have wings.

9. Ants have poor eyesight. Some may be completely blind.

10. They have two antennae (feelers) which detect vibrations and other stuff. It also helps them to communicate.

11. Ants lay eggs. If an egg is fertilized it grows into a female ant. Non-fertilized grows into male ants.

12. Ants attack and defend themselves. They also have wars between two colonies.
It usually starts when the other colony gets better food for their queen.

Okay, that's all I know.
I watched a movie a few days ago.
You can watch this movie to know more about an ant's life.

It's called Minuscule: Valley of the lost ants

Oh and sorry for not posting yesterday
I was too busy sweeping the house. My mom's sick so she couldn't do it. :I
I have to do every housework now. .3.

Anyway here's yesterday's item.

Nice, but expensive.
Lol. It reminds me of that Apple Scented Candle which I broke yesterday while cleaning the wardrobe.
Well sorry I cannot say much about this item cause mom's scolding me and yeah I have a lot of work to do.
So see ya.

Credit to Google Images for ant pictures and minuscule cover 
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