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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vine Anklet

Hey! :)
So it's me, cloudclaws. Sweetpanda is still not back. :(
So, im posting today as well! c: I probably won't be able to post on Monday though. DX
Anywho, the new item is the Vine Anklet! ^o^
It looks pawsome! :D
It's really nature-y and Jamaasian . . too bad it's member and looks small on animals. ;-;
Still a great item though. :p
Here's a random outfit i made up! x3
I call it "Autumn Woodlands." No credit needed, all yours. ^o^
Okie, here's the DE post!

Cool! I love seeing new coloring pages. ^o^
Okay, that's all for now! Bye jammers! ;)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bonsai Tree

Hiya everyone! ^o^
So im posting again. Hopefully Sweetpanda will be back soon! c:
The new item is the bonsai tree.
Aww it's so cute. ^-^
Really really cute. ^-^
Also, it's for all - jammers! Yay! :D
But sad that nonmembers can't get the colors and styles of the bonsai trees. *cry*
Oh well. ;-;
But here's a random crazy bonsai xD
Lol :p
Anywho, here's the DE post! c:
Argh, i forgot to enter. >.<
Maybe i will win the otter one though. >:3
K, that's all i have for today! Bye! ^o^

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peck Portrait

So it's me, cloudclaws. Im posting because sweetpanda cannot post at the moment. D:
But anywho, let's get on with the new item which is the Peck Portrait!
Yay! Peck! :D
I <3 Peck. :p
Im sorta starting to like these portraits. c:
Also, i love the background color. It's awesome. :D
Now all that's left is Greely and Graham. ^o^
Speaking of Sir Gilbert and Peck, doncha realize they haven't been in the adventures yet? Poor Peck & Gilbert! ;-;
Moving on, here's the DE post. ^-^
Woof! National dog day. Yay! :3
But i like cats better though. No offense. Dogs are still great though. ^-^
On the other hand, the monkey claw is leaving Jamaa D:
But this means that there will be a new claw coming, so yay! :D
Okay, that's all i have for today! Bye. :3

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rare Racoon Tail at an unfindable place - Summer Carnival

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Meow jammers!
Sorry about yesterday.
Yeah, I know what was going on your mind. :o
Sorry about that but a phone call came that my grandma was sick so we had to go visit her and stay there for a day. So there was no post yesterday as well.
No problem, you can find the missed items below, I've included them.
And the story I was going to tell you is going to be told today. ^.^
Anyway, as always we start we the new item.
Today's Rare is the mischievous item which was hiding in the Summer Carnival and I couldn't find it.
HIDE-AND-SEEK. FOUND YA, Rare Racoon Tail!

The combination is purr-fect.
In my opinion, these colors go well together. ^.^
What about you? Give your own ratings in the comment section.
I can catch a sight of a line surrounding the tail.
The graphics seem a bit peculiar today. :?
Why do you think so, hmm? 
Maybe AJ tried to design the new item a bit mismatched today.
In some countries, people wear these Racoon's Tail for fashion.
It's rather different the the original set of Racoon Tails.
Quiet cute to put on a racoon's tail. He-he.

Oh and I have got a new profile picture, you would notice:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ram Horns

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Cosmo Portrait

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Meow jammers!
Just as I thought yesterday, Portraits are now gonna be released daily.
Tomorrow another Portrait of another Alpha. :)
Which Alpha? Could you make a guess?
Anyway, today we have Cosmo the Koala.

Aww. Cosmo's bouncy-bumpy head looks quite amazing.
I mean cute.
I would rather buy this instead of Liza's if I was a member. :D
Oh if you observed, this one ain't bamboo.
It's some other tree branch (As Cosmo's a naturalist) with a cute leapy bird sitting at the top. ^.^
The colors they put inside the frames are also likewise as the characters behavior. 
For e.g Cosmo's a naturalist so AJHQ used green for him. :D

A glitch was spotted while a jammer traded me.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

These adorablies finally arrive to Jamaa: Otters!

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Meow jammers!
-Hears thunder; heart throbs-
Oh gosh it's been raining heavily for hours now... Days...
I can even hear huge raindrops falling and making tip-top noises.
Oh and school had started so I couldn't get time to post.
Anyway, my dad needed the computer for a few days. So yeah...
A big thanks to Cloudclaws for posting the missed items. ^.^

Starting off with the new item today, Liza Portrait.

A bamboo frame with Liza's portrait.
A portrait is a painting of a person...
I don't like that shape of her face and specially hear wicked hair.
She somewhat seems evil to me. XD
What do you think of Liza? :D

Okay so moving on to the update, which conclude these adorable seals.
The introductory page introduces us with the new animals: OTTERS!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Leaf Fan

Hey! Cloudclaws here. :3
Well, since no one posted for a long time i decided i'll post today. :3
The new item is in Treetop Gardens, the leaf fan! 
Heh. It's pretty cool. :3
I just really love items from treetop gardens. XD
Ooo, and it doesn't have that annoying "MEMBERS ONLY" tag. ^o^
Seriously i just think that tag is annoying. :T
Also it spins if you click on it. :D
And here's a DE post about otters! c:
mhm . . Perhaps a clue that the otters coming on Thursday? ^-^
Aaand here's the pictures of the missed items . . 
They look pretty cool! :D
Also, here's a question for y'all:
A long time ago, the Alphas used to appear in Jamaa. Where do you think they have gone?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stone Lamp :3

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Meow jammers!
The screen took so long to load and I was waiting 'AAH'. :Z
I was on hold for the new Jamaa Journal to arrive and I was looking forward for the otters which probably should have been out by now...
So as it loaded, I did the spin and 25x2. :o
My lucks not bad though. I had 24 diamonds now 20. 
Not kidding. I can prove by an image if you ask me. :P
Anyway so sadly now new updates today...

I was waiting to see something Coral-ish at Kimbara Outbacks.
And after a while we have one.

A stone lamp with a coral-ish stand. XD
The lamp's head is also coral-ish.
And certainly the switch too, if you'd notice that. XD
You could keep some tiny items on those corals - if they exist. Lol.
Anyway, I am not giving it ratings now cause it's past my bed-time and I am still posting. :P
I still have gotta finish my post at the AJ Adventure. .o.
Maybe you could give it some ratings in the comment section. ^.^

Kimbara Outback is mainly about Australia.
The rock, scenery and obviously the animals on the Journey Book too.
I have studied about Australia in Geography and it's indeed a very nice country.
Australia is one of the world's most beautiful country.
The worlds main deserts are in Australia.
Oh and don't forget about ze Great Barrier Reef. :D
Although, Kimbara Outback hasn't been a popular land yet.
I am sure it will, if AJ makes it more interesting.C:

Oh and if you ever noticed the Eye Test Reading at Medical Center.

Do you see it is all the Alphas' names.
First spells GREELY then LIZA, COSMO, GRAHAM in green. 
I can't read any further, can you?
Perhaps, I've failed in the Eye Test. XD
I wear glasses IRL though.
They are -3.25 both. :T
It's because I don't eat vitamins for the eye. .o.
Do you wear glasses? A nerd? XD
Visit the comics page to see a funny comic about Kimbara Outback.
Oh and I was making a comic with my friend.
It's a surprise. You wait!
It will be here within this month, if we are successful.
It will be no ordinary one. Perhaps 'EGGSTRAORDINARY!'.

There are yet 3-4 undiscovered places in Jamaa.
What are you expecting? C:
Egyptian? African? Tall Towers? Indian? Or something naturalistic.

You see rivers?
What do you think now?
Hills and rivers!
That's it. :D
Nepal? Himaliyas? Oh no there is already his Mt. Shiveer.

But if you'd agree with me:

A cool snow-peaked mountain sign at the top of Mt. Shiveer.
Mhmm? Interesting!

And the DE post about the News Crews winner!
Congrats Magical Arcticwolf!

You should really read this for your good.
You get to learn so much at AJ!
Use this site to play, have fun, make buddies and to get educated.
National Geographic is a channel to help you learn more about the world of animals!

For today, I leave you with this mystery.
Would you be clever enough to figure it out? :D
Okay, let's see who can. C:
Comment whatever you think that is.
Good luck thinking and imagining.
Your imagination matters! 
Until then, play wild!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ice Cream Sunday Bench

Hello Jammers! SnowyPaw here! Today's new item is the Ice Cream Sunday (sundae) Bench!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ice and Sun

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Meow jammers!
I'm sorry about yesterday's post I was in a rush.
Anyway, today it's nothing like that. :)
So yeah, let's continue.
Today's RIM is on the fifth page at the Jam Mart Clothing shop.

This will blot of the sun's radiates from reaching your face.
Worthy to wear in the summer carnival or in the beach.
The price is bit to expensive on the hand.
Let's give it some ratings:
Look: *****
Item: *****
Price: ***
Useful: *****
Jamaasian: ***
21 out of 25. Not bad.
You can give your own ratings in the comment section.

And we have another member in the Ice Cream family.
Warm welcome to Ice Cream Toppings Display!

Which topping would you prefer?
I would rather want blue or green and never pink.
I hate strawberries, but I somewhat like the flavor.

Ice melts in the Sun.
And AJ brought a Sun Visor and ice cream stuff together?
It's not wrong. Perfectly right.
Because we enjoy eating or drinking cold things in the hot summer days. ^.^

Oh and I finally found a person with an Ice Cream Parlor. :D
Congratulations Pandahearn (Snowypaw)!

You can also check her den out!
What an astonishing den! :D

Oh and I am in full swing with my Ice Cream Parlor video.
You will see it in no time.
Perhaps, less than week. :D

Anyway, I forgot about the daily pictures.
Here's today's pic.

It was a vaporous weather that day.
And there were countless crows and other birds flying here and there.
From one tree to another and they endured their journey.

That's all for today!
Have fun in the sun! ^.<
Until then, play wild!

Click the image above to learn more about me.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Giant Ice Cream Cone

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Meow jammers!
I am sorry I don't have enough time to make it an interesting post.
I am only posting the daily items pic and that's the end. Sorry.

I might edit this later.
Sorry guys!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spilled Ice Cream D:

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Meow jammers!
Today we have a scrumptious delicacy. 
Would you bother to lick this? :D

Credit to AJS.

I like the ones to be put on the wall better.
I really wish I could have a bite. 
They all look so realistic.
Which color did you like most? ^.^
I liked the red one. Hope it's not strawberry. :P
This item will be purr-fect for the Parlor, cause people usually spill them. Lol.
Have you ever spilled an ice-cream? Me, nyaaa.

Friday, August 8, 2014

I SCREAM update!!!

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Meow jammers!
So again another Thursday with another tremendous update. :DDD
I'm sorry I couldn't post yesterday, so I am doing it today. :P
I'm going to mention all the new items later, but first the Jamaa Journal.

Jamaa's latest ocean adventure is now 'Turning the Tide'.
A new alpha is now named who is Tavie the Dophin. Welcome! 
She is seen or heard in many of the ocean adventures.
Do you have what it takes to save her? Then head to the Ocean Base camp right away!

This buoy leads to the newest adventure.
Do you know what Greek building that is? 
Tell us in the comments and take your chance to win a small gift.

A statue of Tavie built nearby the adventure portal.

And there is the Portal. You swim up and right and then down and there it is.

Click 'continue the enjoyment and read further...' for the rest of the I screamtastic news.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tiki Tuka Tika Tuk - Tiki Lawn Chair

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Meow jammers!
So now a new phrase I've created for all the 'Tiki' set - Tiki Tuka Tika Tuk.
I'm gonna use this phrase for all the upcoming Tiki stuff.
He-he. :P
So again we have another part of the Tiki Set - Tiki Lawn Chair at Jam Mart Furniture.

Alright. So let me guess it out.
Bamboos? Huh. XD
Tiki is a tribal myth.
They also have designed Chairs like these.

A tiki chair.
You might notice this face at the stand lower the chair. 
There. Did you see it?
You can create a fun new den will all these Tiki adventures.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tall Tiki Table

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Meow jammers!
I apologize for not posting yesterday.
I was so busy and I had gone out... I couldn't manage time. :l
Anyway, today's new item is the Tall Tiki Table at Jam Mart Furniture.

So AJHQ made a set both for members and non member. Yee-hee. :3
I like the stand of the table.
If you notice it carefully it is a face of a demon or a something..?
It's smiling at me with that evil look. Guess that's called Tiki wonders? XD
Tribal people use shaped drums like these.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tiki Chair & Cone Collar Glitch

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is located in Jam Mart Furniture,be sure to purchase to new Tiki Chair for 350 Gems!

This item goes perfectly with yesterday's new item the Tiki Table,this is a great item to hang out with your Buddies this Summer!

Meanwhile here is today's DE Post all about an AJ Academy post all about the Food Chain and how it works!

Click Here to visit the AJ Academy to check out an awesome quiz about the Food Chain,it wil boost your knowledge and may even help you with the game Temple Of Trivia! Comment Call: What is the Food Chain? 

Meanwhile there are two new videos on in the Sarepia Theater and one in Tierney's Theater all about Pink River Dolphins and Oysters & Clams!

Be sure to check out the theater everyday for brand new videos! Meanwhile as for today's Glitch Hour it seems that my Cone Collar has been misplaced...

Whenever I move around the Cone Collar goes off my Crocodiles head and whenever I stand still it just moves about! If you have any other strange glitches you'd like to share then send them into: That's about it for today's post! Happy Jamming!

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