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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Striped Scarf

Meow jammers!
So, I'm posting today. 
Actually, Cloudclaws was supposed to, but she went off before I could tell her to post. >:(
It's okay. You can post the next 3-5 days. :D
Anyway, today's new item is another of the Jamaaliday set.
It's a brand new item, more like a newer version of a scarf.
It's the Striped Scarf at Jam Mart Clothing shop. ^.^

You know, this item looks weird in this picture, but looks really cool when you're wearing it.
It shapes exactly like the Jamaaliday Scarves.
I wonder if the Jamaaliday Scarf will return.
This item is more like a candy-cane. :D
Yummy. -Goes mad- :O
I love everything about this item except for member. :'(
Anywho, this item is added to my favourite items list, even if I can't wear it. :P
What do you think of this item? 

Anyway, I thought of giving the blog a schedule. :T
So, here's how I was planning. :P

Story Sunday - A new mini story, by me or other jammers.

Mystery Monday - A mystery which you can comment your ideas.

Talent Tuesday - A tricky question will be given and the person to answer correct is a talent. Winner gets a sale item or nothing. :P

Wednesday Winner - A raffle contest in which a jammer wins. Winner will be announed next Wednesday, so you can enter before next Wednesday. Winner gets a sale item or nothing. :P

Tricky Thursday - A question/ a guessing game/ A place in Jamaa. Winner gets a sale item or nothing. :P

Free Friday - An idea for a clothing/ den/ both. You can also do what you want in comments (But don't break the commenting rules) at "free" Friday. I won't scold anyone (But will if commenting rules are broken). :D

Sunday Song - A short song or a poem. You can also comment "your" made up poems which will be added to the post at Tuesday. 

So, we'll start today! :D
Cloudclaws, if you post, don't forget the schedule. :)

Anyway, here's today's......

Wednesday Winner 

Raffle contest!
Pick between 1-10.
Winner receives any non-member item from Jam-Mart-Clothing Shop.
Winner will be announced next Wednesday, 
So you can enter any day before next Wednesday.
Don't forget to mention your usernames along with your comments!

And I know I get less comments, so maybe 0 comments also. ;_;
Meh, I'm just trying to get comments. :D
One more thingy .o.
The person to be the "Top Commenter" next month gets a small rare of their choice. ^.^
There's a gadget on the left to help you find out if you're winning. :P 

Good Luck and don't forget to play wild!


Soul Fairy said...

Cool! I choose 6 and my username is Pandahearn

Anonymous said...

i choose 4 and my username is kik51772 :D
~kiki51772 peace love spiders~

Cloudclaws said...

Sorry i had to get off, i had to go and i WAS going to get back on but i couldn't. :(

Anonymous said...

i pick 5 - houneyboy

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