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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hey jammers! today's new item is the pet HDTV, sold in the pets only shop in the sky!

These pet items is so cute! ^.^ Hmm, perhaps you could make a pet hotel?
Or maybe a room just for your pets? :)
Meanwhile, here's a post on the daily explorer!

I wish nonmembers could be flying pets, but at least they get to see the 
Play-as-your-pet-party. I have been thinking, wouldn't it be cool if we could have pet lions and pet penguins? :3 Now here's a random question.. What are some cool usernames  that you have seen around Jamaa?

What are some other ones you have seen? :3
And in case you haven't seen, here's a tour of the Play-As-Your-Pet party!

Happy jamming!

1 comment:

Soul Fairy said...

The new party is epic and i love the cool mini items for pets

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