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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sticky Pizza Hat + Contest

Meow jammers!
Guess what?
We now have foods to feed our AJ animals! XD
Just kidding. :P
Today we have this special PiZZa Hat at the Summer Carnival.

I seriously wanna eat it.
I really love cheese-sausage pizzas.
I wonder how we can change the colour of a pizza though. :3
-Eats pizza hat-
Not to mention, I'm a crazy fan of pizza. :P
I once ate 4 large pieces of pizzas at Pizza Hut. XD
My highest.
What was your highest at a restaurant?

The topic says 'Sticky' Pizza Hat.
So I'll show you how it's sticky.

It's sticky on my head.
Also cheese is a sticky substance. 
This is my new outfit.
The pizza hat and the glove really go together, you know. XD
The candy floss and hamster encouraged my outfit. ^.^

I spotted a new place for a new shop or game in the carnival.

Probably, it's a new shop.
What do you think? :T

By the way, see that poll on the right?

The contest with the highest votes will be taking place after the poll closes.
Days left to vote: 108
So be sure to vote the contest you want to participate in! ;P
And you may choose multiple answers.
If at the end, two or more contest have the same amount of votes, there will be a tie breaker.
Or I may decide to do both. :)

If you choose 'Other' than here are some options:

Poem contest
Fashion show contest
Trivia contest
Best paragraph writing contest
Maths contest (Nu calculators)
Grammar contest
Pick the face which is different contest - ;) ;) ;) :) ;) ;) ;)
Guessing contest

If there's any other, then comment below. :)

And a small contest starts today:

Comment the most!
The person to be the Top Commenter before August 1st receives any two or three of the following items:

You may pick the rarest two, or the mid-rare three. If you choose the least rarest you may pick four.
I'm just giving out RIMS and Diamond Shop stuff, cause this is a small contest.
I'll give better prizes for the contest after the poll ends.
There will be prizes for 1-3 or 1-5 places.

Tip: Comment everyday to increase your chance of winning. Do not make more than 5 comments at a post.
You may comment on the pages too. Make sure you comment less than 10 times.

Warning: Do not break the commenting rules! Do not make comments such as 

1) hfsukvjcyiaecjhn - Random alphabes

2) ..............,,,,,,,,,,,,::::::::::'''''''''''''' - Random Punctuation

3) :) - Just emotions

4) Hi, Hello, Sky, Yellow, Meow - No awkward words

5) Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows - No senseless phrases

Any such comments will not be counted.

Comment like you usually do

1) Nice item. I will buy it

2) Reply to the mysteries and stuff

3) Ask me questions


Start commenting today!
Good Luck!
Keep commenting!
Until then, play wild!


sunnnnnnnnnnnny cooooooooooool said...

i am entering the cotest
ill start comntin 4m 2morrow
no won can beat meh
i wil win

DietCherry said...

Wow! Your blog is actually really cool! I will have to start coming to it more often:)


Anonymous said...

The Pizza Hat is so Weird 0-0

SnowyPaw said...


Anonymous said...

Why haven't you been posting lately?

Anonymous said...

Nvm 0-0

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