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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Skeleton Suit and Candy Wonderland!

Meow jammers!
Sorry, I have missed a lot of posts lately. >.<
I might have come online but not posted.
Ik, I'm becoming lazy these days...
I am thinking about getting a few more authors, I'll make a post about it sooner.
Anyway, today's item is a bit of spooky...

It is found at Epic Wonders.
I think it's simply awkward. XP
I wish it glowed, then it could have been spookier.
Anyway, I think this is only fit for a tiger? x3

Btw, when I clicked the den orb at Epic Wonders; I saw that the items are on sale!!!

Best time to get the items!
They were so expensive! :O
It will be easier if you are making a brick collection now. :P
Hopefully, the clothings will be on sale too!

Well, my friend, Xxdell74xX made a candy shop, but it is in her spare account 'Juccuzzi'.
Lol. That's one confusing username, but I sure do like it! :D
Anyways, here are some snapshots!

At the corners of the den, there are counters.

This is where the chocolates are being made from.

Barrels full of chocolate gems.

The counter to the left. There are even candy windows!

The place for a candy boss!
The chair in which the Arctic Wolf is sleeping is called the Candy Sofa. 
It may be hard to get one...

For today, I will do an Item Hunt!

The item is:


It is a seldom earned item from Bitter Sweets.
You probably get it at 1000 candies! Darn! >.<
Sorry, I don't have a picture of the item, and never seen it too.
I heard people say it's quite a very rare item!
So be sure to get one! ^.^
Hopefully, I will try and get one; and then, feature it on my blog! :3

Here is the Comment Question, related to the new adventure for then:

How many candies can you get at an average from Bitter Sweets? Have you ever got above 700? 

Anyway, that's all for today!
P.S I might not be able to post tomorrow since I might be going to the Cinemas.
And the new post about applying to be an author will be here in 3 days!
Okay bye!

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