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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I am so sorry!

Meow jammers!
I'm SOOO sorry about not posting ALL THESE days. :C
Forgive me. I tried to do a post to tell you that I can't post but the post failed.
I'm sorry again.
Well, my exams ain't finished yet, and so I gotta study and got less time on blogging.
Maybe Cloudclaws and Kinyonga, can you two post?
I'll try getting some new authors. :)
If you want to be an author, simply comment:

1. Your AJ username
2 Your blogger username
3. Why do you want to be an author?
4. When will you be able to post?
5. Your email address I should sent the invitation to.
6. Do a short post, and send it to me at
7. Get your parents permission. :)

Okay, hope that it's fine with you.
I'll try posting from Friday when my exams are done.
And possibly, I might go abroad soon and so it would be tough to post, still I'll try.
Spent your time happy in AJ! 
Bye, hope to see you again soon. :D
Play wild!


1 comment:

Cloudclaws said...

Its alright, maybe i could post on Mondays and Tuesdays or just Monday?

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