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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Top Coat

Meow jammers!
Sorry for the late post. I was kind of busy today and the past two days. 
Sorry for not posting the past two days. .o.

Today's new item is the Top Coat.

Credit to Animal Jam Roar. 

AJ kept on freezing when I tried getting into the shops. x3
It looks kind of weird. 
The collar is umm, a bit of untidy. XD
The buttons is not in a proper way, they are always in one line, but this in two. Lol.
The hands are folded, which is kind of neat.
Although, this coat would be nice for winter.
I wonder how it looks on animals. XD

Here's some pictures of a pizza mommy made. :)

Yummeh. I feel like eating it up again. XD

I'm sorry, I'm too tired today, and I have got works to be done.
So, that's all for now.

Note: My might not be posting tomorrow, or day after tomorrow.

Oh, and btw, visit my Cat blog! ^.^

Later jammers! ^.^


Anonymous said...

Yeah... I'm not sure how I feel about AJHQ's new art style...

Anonymous said...

are these things still for sale? i cant find them anywhere

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