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Monday, June 30, 2014

Rare Freedom Tie

Hello Jammers! Today's RIM is the Rare Freedom Tie! These colorful items can be purchased on the 5th page of the Jam Mart Clothing Catalog,for 550 Gems!
Meanwhile over on the Daily Explorer there is a brand new post all about this weeks RIM!
Now doesn't that Giraffe look classy! Be sure to collect all of your favorite Freedom Items in time for July the 4th! And it seems that the Pearl Birthstone is on its last day in Jamaa,so be sure to grab yours today!
Before I end my post for today there happens to be a new video resealed in Brady's Theater all about the wonderful subject Biology!
That's about it for today's post,so be sure to check back tomorrow for more AJ news! Jam On!
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