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Friday, December 20, 2013

Reindeer Poop and Jamaaliday Necklace

Meow jammers!
So posting after a long time again.
Well, we were about to go to vacations today, but it's been cancelled and we might go later or maybe no going. :C
Anyway, today's gift is the returning Cookie Table.

Just as I predicted because yesterday we had got the chair. XD

Anyway, today's item is the returning Reindeer stuff. .o.

I wonder why AJ put something nasty like this in the game. XD
-Adds to dislike list-

There's another item today (or did it come out before?)
The Jamaaliday Necklace. .3.

Not much fan of this item.
You know, it doesn't look like it's a necklace or something. XD

And one thing which AJ just changed and which is totally unfair!

I just noticed it became member.
It was non-member and it was also in my den. 

Look! I'm sitting beside the raccoons.
This is totally unfair AJ. :C

And here's a maze for you to complete. LOL.
It totally easy.
Try getting out and just make sure you don't step on the red lines. XD

Lol. Kiddish. XD
First person to finish it gets any Jamaaliday item from the diamond shop. :3
Well, just tell me go up then right then left like this and I'll figure it out. :P

By the way, my sis created a blog. 
Maybe you can check it out. :)

Click the pic to go to the blog. :)

Good Luck figuring the way out of the maze.
Until then, play wild!

P.S a little editing to my signature. :)
What do you think of it? :D


Cloudclaws said...

Don't worry, it might be just a glitch.
I think Snowyclaw posted about the member racoon thing, she said it was a glitch.

katsumawhitefang said...

for the maze: left up right left up right up left down across up across down across up , up across up across down, down, down, down, hope u could figure that out??? xD

katsumawhitefang said...

oh and if i win i want a ice phantom pwease :3

Snowy claw said...

I completed the maze it was easy

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