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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meh! Stegosaurus dinosaurs aren't extinct! o.o

Meow jammers!
Well I have to type in the dark today cause my mom's sleeping here and I can't turn on the lights.
Actually, my computer has now shifted to my parent's bedroom for my dad, who eventually now needs the hand of the computer - who is seldom seen to use the computer. It's for job resources and stuff bla bla.
This computer is actually my dad's and I had my very own laptop which was dead with all those crazy red viruses and couldn't be fixed. I certainly now got the permission to use my dad's computer. 
Well probably, he bought me a new tab instead of a laptop again. Yeh, know...
Anyway, sorry for those thingies about my life.
Now coming back to the daily item as usual.
So today we have....? ^.^

Ooh, bless my tail. It's a Stegosaurus Tail! o3o
Yikes! >.<
So it's spikey and harmful? Guess not. .3.
The item yet looks impressive. ^.^
So jammers can wear this along with the armor and be a dino!!!
So stegosaurus aren't extinct! :oooo
2500 Tickets is way too expensive for just a tail. :T
I bet it's huge according to the price, and as it is a dinosaur's tail.

So seems like the dinosaur itself is quite spiky.
I've read about this dino but never saw a pic. I knew it had spikes, but not this huge. :l
Do you think the animated AJ tail and the dinosaur's look alike? XD

Snowypaw was supposed to post yesterday, but for some problem she didn't post on my blog neither on her blog. :(
If anything is wrong or she is sick, I hope it will be fine soon. ^.^
Thank you very much for posting all these days I couldn't!
I hope she will be back soon!
You can check her blog out here! Or click the image.

Click the picture above to visit Snowypaw's blog

Anyway, here's yesterday's item! ^.^

Stegosaurus Armor at the Summer Carnival.
Eh, what'd ya think?
I have nothing much to say about it so I can do it by stars: (out of 5)
Look: ***
Price: *
Jamaasian: **
So that's 6 out of 15. :(
So that's a fail mark out there. XD
You could give your own ratings down in the comment section.
I'm planning to make the Blogger comment system to Disqus comment system.
It's cause Blogger is laggy and take's more time.
Disqus is free, and less-laggy. You can comment more than usual then.
I'll go finish my Harry Potter book!
Until then, play wild guys!

Credit to Google images for stegosaurus image.

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SnowyPaw said...

I was actually on holiday! But also Sweetpanda i won't be able to post for a week starting from saturday because i am going away alot in the summer holidays! ~ Snowypaw

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