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Monday, March 31, 2014

Rare Golden Headphones

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's cool new rare is the Rare Golden Headphones, sold in Epic Wounders. :3
I think it would look pretty awesome with bat wings. :3
Especially the golden ones. :D
Did i mention that the DJ headset was my first member item? ^.^
This rare is a little TOO on the expensive side though, i think its the most expensive so far.
Or was it the Freedom glove..?
Meanwhile, here's the Daily Explorer post about the Great Nature Project! 
It would be AMAZING is AJ broke the record for the worlds largest photo database..
In fact, it would be awesome. :D
Happy jamming!


Duchess Berrybunny said...

The Freedom Glove was the most expensive, selling for 3,000 gems. :)

Pratiksha Jadhav said...

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