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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Winning item of the Accessory Contest and Unexpected Update!

Meow jammers!
So the winning item of the Accessory Contest has finally revealed.
It is a fine neck-wear for those who likes stories like Sinbad.

So you can dress up like a cowboy, a superhero, a musketeer and so much more with this all new item!
It is a great way!
I sort of love this item in a way.
You can wear it with some of the clothing items of Jamaa.
It would be a perfect match.
If I had to give examples, then: Cowboy boots, Cowboy rope, Musketeer boots. 

And there lay an unnoticed item in Jam Mart Clothing.

It has got no new sign, and I didn't read about it in any blog. 
The item looks like Peppermint.
Good for the Jamaalidays, don't you think.
Give your own ratings for both these fantastically new items in the comments.

I'm tired saying about items.
So let's go with ratings.
Look: ***
Price: ****
Jamaasian: ***

10 out of 15. 
Not bad then!

Updates are usually in Thursdays, but today it took place on a Wednesday.
Maybe cause last Thursday there wasn't any update.
Some say it's cause AJ couldn't wait any longer for tomorrow. XD
But on a side-note jammers also couldn't wait any longer because AJ was on maintenance for a very long time. :ooo
So jammers suggested it better be a good update!
And yeah, it turned out exactly that.
So let's see what the Jamaa Journal says.

That is such an honor for these returning one-horned creatures!
Now we also have baby rhinos which we can keep by our side.

This was everyone's favourite part about this update.
Many jammers' dreams came true.
They had always wanted to experience the betas.
So this party will come in handy! ^.^
This party is situated in the Beta Duplex Den, which was for non-members in the beta days.
Many wanted this den to return, because it had more space to decorate.
It hasn't returned to buy again, but you can have a sneak-peak at the Party. ^.<
Here are some snaps, in case you missed the party.
I have also added some description. :)
It was on just after the update.


Above the bridge. Kind of a lawn.

The first floor, which you arrive while walking right side the bridge.

The second floor. Which you walk above the ladder and come here.

And finally the ground floor. Which you walk down the stairs from the first floor.

This is the right corner of the ground floor.
It is also selling items.
I first thought is would sell betas.
But it turns out:

Lol. Not a big fan of these items.
The party is covered in den betas though.

So, could you guess what the new item is?
It says it's hidden throughout the Jamaa Journal.
And credit to SparklesAJ for telling me.
Hint: An underwater animal.
Guessed yet?
Look at the top left corner (the border) starting from the 2nd page till the last.
They spell:

And as I posted at the top, the new item is the exclusive Ribbon Scarf!

So, cool!
You can even click the Panda for a link!
I wonder what is in that.
Maybe I'll tell my Uncle to get me that from Canada. ^.^
I will post pictures if I get it.

Can't go to stores and buy, order it online at

Isn't that great?
Just one confusion is that when you click vote now, you can't decide. XD
They all just look equally awesome. ^.^
Click the magnifying glass to zoom in for a larger version and better vision.

A fun place to hangout with your buddies!

Like Makeup and Hairstyles? This is the best place.

Adventurous and antique. Very majestic. A day of a kings life.

So which one do you want to see come to Jamaa?
Confused, right?
Yeah, they all look epic.
I have a feeling they might be member. ):
And sadly, you can only vote one. D:
Or else I would have voted all three. XD
Many people voted none, cause they like all three. .3.
I voted Hair Salon, even after I don't like this style stuff. It looks nice and neon, which I kind of like.
My sis voted Egyptian, cause she likes antiques and history. She also likes the design of the items and their quality.
Which did you like best, and why? Tell us in the comments. We'd love to hear. ^.^
Be sure to vote the poll on the right.

The newest ocean adventure is now available in Hard Mode.
Brady and Tierney are gonna post videos everyday now in their theaters.
Be sure to check them out!
Any questions about animals? Ask Brady or Tierney, and they will give you an answer.

Need more diamonds?
Get a free diamond now! How, here's how:
A new diamond code now exists!
Type in TWELVE before you log in to receive 1 diamond!

And so that's the end of this unexpected update!
Oh wait, not!
The scary loading page themes have now been replaced with cute friendly themes.
Here are some which appeared to me:

Okay, so that's the end.
A looong and greaaat update!
What did you think of this update?
Tell us in the comments!

And sorry for not posting yesterday.
I was very badly sick.
Here's yesterday's item:

I don't have any more time for anything else.
Mom's telling me to rest!
So bye. I'll try to edit this later.


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Anonymous said...

I love this item rating thing!

Anonymous said...

I voted hair salon too everyone says something like:
Who would EVER vote for hair salon and I reply :,( some ppl like it
I like neon to O,O Plus AJ has a bunch of Ice cream stuff already this is a long random on going comment that some would consider spam


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SnowyPaw said...

the new update is epic!

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