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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heart Headband + Window

No one has posted in a long while.
So i decided to post. ^-^
friendship day is almost here
there's 2 new items today. :D
o.o dat is a very long name
super duper long.
so long that the text is tinyyy :P
I like this item. Which is strange because the friendship day stuff has too much hearts for me. 
However i cannot find it matching ANY of my outfits at all . . o.o
another item is the heart window. :3
ehh i like the round wooden window better. 
this is also nice ^-^
have you seen da new welcome tutorial? :3
I love peck's voice. So cute <3
i think she would make new jammers feel more welcome to jamaa. ^.^
Bye for now!

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