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Friday, July 18, 2014

Sparkly Boa

Meow jammers!
I apologize for this extremely late post.
I know it's foolish this way, but my dad was on the computer yesterday so...
I never got a chance.
Instead I spend my day watching movies. .o.
And if you were wondering, I was watching Coraline an animated movie.
I liked it. :P
Anyway, here's today's item.

Sparkly Boa at the Jam Mart Clothing shop.
The item is not nice in my opinion. :3
The shape looks so awkward.
The color is also so terrible.
I can't even understand what that is. .3.
What do you think of this item?
-Haves taco-
Spicy. :o

And I've heard rumors about skullies returned to Jamaa.
Yet, I cannot say confidently unless I spot one.
I will post about it as soon as I've noticed a person with one of these.

Oh and new rule for the contest:
If you want to win, you must have at least above 15 comments. ^.^

Well I have nothing to make this post interesting.
And I'm reading a book, quite thick, and I gotta finish it.
Pretty interesting, it is.

So I guess it's time to say bye?
Okay then...
Good luck hunting for skullies!
Until then, play wild!


Cloudclaws said...

Im quite excited for skullies. ^O^

Anonymous said...

Hi. It is Bling. Too lazy to sign in. NICE BLOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGIE

SnowyPaw said...

Skullies are so weird but cool

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