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Monday, July 14, 2014

Rare Spiked Mohawk

Meow jammers!
Today we have a very colourful new rare. :D

Good for the people who wanna look punk. XD
You can dress up a rock star. Woo-hoo!
You can put on a spiked collar and wrist with this, so it's something matching.

It's just a brighter and more expensive version of the Spiked Mohawk.

Lol. More than double the cost. XD
The colours have been put in different places.
I like the rare's colour pattern.

And here's a mistake of AJ I spotted on yesterday's item!

The name itself says 'Hat'.
Then why ain't it on sale. :?

And well, I'm trying to figure out something.
I guess that AJ are turning things out rare.
Cause they are just clearing way too many items at once!
And seems like they picked the good ones. :O

Here is the list of clearance items:

The flag in Jam Mart Clothing and the rest at Jam Mart Furniture.
Be sure to collect them before they vanish.

And AJHQ posted about the latest adventure.

A very important animal?
What can that be...?

Btw, don't you think that AJHQ has been keeping the nms waiting for a long time. =.=
I am so tired about it. :'(
When do you think they will be available for all jammers?

Good luck thinking.
Until then, play wild!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding!? It's been months since the last adventure has been released for nonmembers! Almost a year now!

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Last adventure? What do you mean? :?
I'm talking about Land Adventures...
It's been years, and still The Hive is for members.
Last adv which was released was Meet Cosmo.
And no more after that...

SnowyPaw said...

I love the RIM its really bright and colorful!

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