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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Horse Claw and Update

Meow jammers!
It just happened the way I thought it would end up like.
I saw the Wolf Claw was leaving...
And just at that moment I figured it out.
You know why it left?
Cause there's a circle behind it. :P
What circle?
One claw leaves another comes out.
Then again it goes away and another and another and like this the circle continues.
So if it's a circle, maybe or probably the Wolf Claw would be returning. ^.^
And the Horse Claw leaving and another Fox or Panda or whatever Claw entering.

Meanwhile, today we have the Horse Claw. :)

Again situated at the Diamond Shop for 3 Dollars.
Not dollars* Diamonds. :P
And did you notice that pingy at the top.
By pingy I mean something cuteee. :3
The word's so cute. :P
There's a horse in that circle at the top-the pingy.
They might not be staying for long, so horse-lovers be sure to collect them before they are gone. ;)
I like horses but not the plushies, they don't satisfy me.
I expected something awesome and cutteee, before I got my first pony plushie. :l
No offense, it turned out exactly different. :l

And there's these rhinos returning to Jamaa.
Well, they came back after a while...

And at the Conversation Museum at Appondale, there's a new video about Rhinos.
Peck one already:

The latest underwater adventure has now been released.

It's above Bubble Trouble where you see the whale sign.

Unfortunately, it's for members.
Don't worry, you can play it later.

On the third page, we hear the news about a new game in the carnival!
Some new prizes are coming.

It is near the Carnival Darts game.

Whoa. A large crowd!

Sometimes this golden phantom appears, and if you hit it, your score gets 2x.

And if you miss a ball, I mean hit it but in a different direction then it looks like this.
Usually there are black phantoms, and rarely golden.

So, all the hats are 50% off sale!
That's cool.
Now they call it Hatapalooza.
Last year, when there were the hats like top hats and others fancy top etc, they also called it Hatapalooza.

It's strange how the Jamaaliday party is now seen in July.

And you can even visit it.

No changes, just like before.

These are the items for sale there.

And that's the end of this update.
Not too many updates this Thursday.
I'll be looking forward to next Thursday. :D

What did you best like in this update? 
What made you like it?
We would be glad if you share it with us.

And yesterday's comment show the following results:

1 for the first one

2 for the second one

So I'd be using the second one. ;)
Sorry whoever voted the first one. :o

Play wild!


Swimmerchamp said...

Can you include my blog, Animal Jam Happenings ( on your blogs list? Thanks!

Just found this blog and it sure is pawesome :D

Sweetpanda AJ said...

There you go.
Nice blog, btw.

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