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Monday, July 21, 2014

Rare Nautillus Necklace

Meow jammers!
So as always, it's Monday today with another of our RIMS.
This rare look somewhat familiar to me.

Nice. There's a Nautilus there. ^.^
I have nothing to say, so let's go with ratings.
Price: ***
Look: ****
Jamaasian: ****
Woo-hoo. So that's an 11 out of 15!
Not bad! Don't forget to give your own ratings in the comments! ^.^
A nautilus is a marine creature which stays in a shell.

nautilus images এর চিত্র ফলাফল

That is a Nautilus.
Now you must be going 'OOH I MUST HAVE SEEN IT'.
 Cause yeah you did! They appear in many movies.

And do you know why the rare looks familiar?
Look at this!

Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit

This item was out last year and it must have gone on clearance.
So the rare costs 500 more gems and the chain's color is different.

New items are now going on clearance.

So each week, six items are on clearance.
Okay, if that's so, everything's gonna go very soon.
The computer is gonna be rare again. ^.^

That's all I got for today.
Sorry I couldn't make it an interesting post today. .o.
I've got to prepare the presents and decorate for my dad's birthday today. ^.^
Oh, well, tomorrow we are gonna play a small guessing game. :D
So keep your eyes peeled.
Until then, play wild!

1 comment:

SnowyPaw said...

Nautilus are really weird!

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