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Monday, September 22, 2014

BEARDS RETURN? WHAA.. Ahh no, it's actually a 'Rare Beard' XD Plus a glitch and new code!

Meow jammers!
Since today was a holiday, there will be more pressure tomorrow at school!
They just sent me extra pieces of homework through email! DX
So, I'm sorry, I might have to make this post a big of short! >.<
Anyway, today we have an extreme rare; The Rare Beard!

Awesome! It's so cheap, after all...
I sort of like the color combination, anyway.
Purple with orange tip, I wish more rare Beards arrive in different colors some Mondays!
I'm going to collect 6 of this fantastic item, cause I have a feeling they might get popular very soon, since Beards are.
Anyway, the beards are now in TFD and they have gone down a lot!
I don't think all the colors are there, are they? 
Some jammers are suggesting beards to return to stores!

Comment Question: Do you want to see beards returning?

Hmm. If the question was asked to me, I'd probably get quizzed up. .3.
Don't forget to answer it! ^.^
Can't wait to see what jammers think... EEEEE!

Anyway, the Night of the Phantoms will be here in no time!

So Night of the Phantoms will be here next Wednesday!
Keep your eyes peeled, a lot of fun is coming to Jamaa soon, indeed, very soon!
The exotic bears; Pandas are on their way to Jamaa on the 3rd of October!

In this honor, of Night of the Phantoms is released a new current gem code!
Don't forget to type in SPOOKY before you log in to get a special amount of gems!

Cool! Anyway, nobody wants 500 gems nowadays.
In case you wanna purchase today's rare and don't have enough gems, be sure to use this code!
Oh and this will expire after the Night of the Phantoms have departed...

Today, I found out a quite wacky glitch!

Credit to Pumaa, for taking this glitch in!
Do you see that invisible animal jumping suddenly from the Leopards body?
I wonder if it's a ghost! >.<
Got any cool glitch?
Send it in to: 
And we'll feature it with credit given to you, please mention your user!

And lastly, we conclude with the daily explorer post!

Don't forget to check the post out!
That tiger is also wearing a skirt, I think it was out as a Monday Rare?

Okay! That's all for today, jammers!
I'll go and finish my home-works now! :D
Until the, play wild!

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