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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bulky Golden Phantom and some awkward stuff o.o

Meow jammers!
Sunday, so I am sort of free. Anyway, tomorrow, school is closed for some kinda reasons that I don't know exactly what it is...
Anyway, Night of The Phantoms are in their way, and in celebration of that, arrives today's new item!

I'm surprised how it only costs 'A' diamond. o.o
Yay! -Bursts in happiness-
This item was released as Monthly-Member-Gift like a while ago.
Today it's brought back but with a new first word 'Bulky'. XD
So generally, I think the other Golden Phantoms are going to be returning soon!
Be sure to purchase one of these spooky items for your Spooky Den, which will be coming soon!

Speaking of spooky stuff, I have a little spooky cavern in my den!

My den is unlocked, usually!
Feel free to visit it anytime you wish. :D
And in case you don't know my user, here it is: Sweetpanda56789

Autumn is here, and very soon the Night of the Phantoms will be here!
Relating to Autumn, this blog will soon be getting it's new templates featuring the current season Autumn!
Is it Autumn for where you live? It's Autumn for me here, and we have 6 seasons the whole year round.

The leaves of Jamaa have started to fall!
In Autumn, leaves become orangey. I sure do hope that you all know that. XD

This is Autumn in real life.
Isn't it so beautiful? :D
Really love the season Autumn! ^.^

Comment Question: Which is you favorite season of all? Why?

If you ask me, my fave season is Spring. I really love the nature! :)

Anyway, as the heading says, here are the really awkward moments of AJ today!

So we all had dressed up as carrots today. XD
We were just getting bored, so we decided to team up and do this!
Big shout-out to jammers from the AJS: Blingbling02, Cloudclaws, Pandahearn, Akachip8967, Arcticjammer9910 and Jammer133166 for helping in taking the snaps!
It was really, fun, hope you were there too. :C
Maybe next time, you can also join! :D

This uncommon idea was about Carrots whom an Evil Panda chops. XD
I know, really awkward, huh? XD
Today was really fun, and mentioning the word 'today' here are two quotes:

This one was made by my classmate. :)

And this one was made by me!

Anyway, that's all for today!
See you in Jamaa! ^.^
Play wild! C:

Watch out for the new look of this blog COMING SOON!

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