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Monday, September 15, 2014

Rare Seaweed Boa

Hello Jammers! Today's rare item Monday is located on the 3rd Page in Bahari Bargains,be sure to purchase the new Rare Seaweed Boa for 900 Gems!

This rare item is just like the usual Seaweed Boa but Rare,its a bit on the pricey side and its for Members Only! :( But overall its a pretty neat item! Moving on,here is today's Daily Explorer Post all about today's RIM,the Seaweed Boa!

Moving on,today's new video has been released in Tierney's Theater all about Is Coral An Animal? Be sure to watch this interesting video!

Moving on,it seems that the Musketeer Boots are on there last day in Jamaa so be sure to purchase yours at Jam Mart Clothing before they leave!

Moving on,here is a strange glitch that was taken by xxsmile! It seems that her Hyena was dancing where it shouldn't be!

Again if you would like to share any Glitches you have encountered,feel free to comment them down below or send a screenshot of the Glitch and it will get featured! Moving on,since its Monday its time for a Monday Mystery!

What is the origin of Temple Of Zios? Why is the fallen Zios statue there? Why did certain Alphas come from that land? Comment your ideas down below! That's it for today's post! Happy Jamming!

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