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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Winner finally announced!

Meow jammers!
Remember the commenting contest? :D
It was supposed to end on the 1st of September.
So I have not enumerated any comments subsequently. :P

Congrats to everyone who participated! ^.^
 According to the guideline, there can be only one winner.
So I have chosen the winner, who nurtured all the obligation and had the uttermost comments by the deadline.
A huge round of applause for:

PANDAHEARN (snowypaw)

Congratulations Pandahearn!
You have had over 25 comments and all were tallied. 
Throws confetti in the air!
Hands a key to a secret door! XD
Gives pie and celebratory cake! :D
Lol. He-he.
Nothing so precious, it's just pixels.
Anywho, I'd be joyous even after I won a necklace. XD
A gift is a gift for me, no matter whatever it is.

So following the rules you get to pick any of the following options.

1) Two of the rarest items

2) Three mid-rare items.

3) Four least rarest items.

And here are the prizes awaited for you:

Fox hat, Shark Fin, Rare blue worn, Rare Bookshelf, Rare Sunglasses, Rare Cupcake Hat, Rare Batwings, Small Wood Den Portal (left-right, top row-bottom)
And one more thingy. :P
It's up to you about which are rare and which are not.
You can ask your friends or if you know already then okay. XD
I can't say. It's something like some are specifically equal.
Now you have the will to depend on whichever you want, but following the options please. ^.^
Hope you are jubilant with your gifts! :D
Wish you a sparkling and blissful day. o.<

It's been 20 days since Snowypaw left.
She went on a holiday trip for 3 weeks, so that's just a few more days or yeah 1 more day. XD
She will be in repossession very soon and I'm telling ya even after you may not be reading this (XD)
Prepare to be taken aback CAUSE YOU'VE WON IT. Lol.

Yep, I know.
To some of you, this gift is like nothing.
And it really is.
I'm sorry for the prizes, but the more harder a contest the better prizes.
So keep your eyes peeled.
This was just the dawning.
You never know what more desired prizes wait ahead.
I'll be giving out (maybe your dream items) as soon as I've got multifarious of them.
So watch out!
Keep wriggling in contests and winning!

If you didn't win this one, nothing to be sad about.
Maybe it wasn't your luck.
But someday, you will win, cause everyone's a winner. :)
Be sure to enter the next contest!
It will be another tongue-twisting enjoyment!

For now, I'd leave you with a small gift, in case you were not the winner.
Whichever gifts are left, after Snowypaw has picked, you get a chance to receive any one of them.
But there's a task first. >.<
Nevermind, just a question. :D
But sure so, it's tricky! XD
Anyway, here it is:

Okay now, do you notice anything about this pattern?
Yep, it ain't any normal pattern.
It's neither any language.
Able to figure out yet?
Nuh, maybe.

The actual question is:

What will be the next symbol in this pattern?
This doesn't have to be any drawing or image.
It can be typed, if you can answer the above question.
Only a person with a quick and sharp brain can figure out.
Ready to know if you are brilliant or just a usual person?
Okay, let's see. XD

The answers will be here included with tomorrow's post.
And sorry, I've come from a long journey and I know about this absence of post.
I won't be able to post today. >.<
So chow!
See you tomorrow with the post and the answers! ^.^
Good luck figuring out the answers. C:
Until then, play wild!

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