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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trapped Phantom and War back at the Diamond Shop!

Meow jammers!
Today we have a long returning item back at the Diamond Shop!

It's quite cheap! Yay!
They come in different shapes and thunder colors, more amazing. XP
I think more stuff will be returning soon in the diamond shop! :O
Is it yay or nay for you? XD/DX
As far as I remember, you could get this item with a code...
There were different - oh wait, nope! This was a monthly member gift! :P

Comment Question: Do you like to see good stuff returning back at the Diamond Shop? Any reasons? :)

Well, anyway. Seems like the Gold Phantom Statues have changed their names hereby!

Owe! So this one seems to have a long name, huh? XD
I'm likewise to be trading it! Any offers? :3

Here's a good news:
I will be featuring how to do the 'Time Glitch' in the TFD adventure!
(TFD=The Forgotten Desert)
I will also be featuring 'How To Be A Land Animal in TFD'  very soon!
So keep your eyes peeled, they will be here by the next two months! :P

Anyway, we are supposed to receive our weekly diamonds today, but for some kind of reasons we didnt!
Jammers became angry on the and cause a strike back there at the Diamond Shop!

Hmm. So lot's of comments, huh? XD
Are you angry on them in the same way too?!
Well, I know, this isn't really fair! D:
Some jammers were saying they have changed the day of the week in which we should get out diamonds....
So far, it seems like we'll get it later on. C:
What do you think, jammers?
Anyway, that remains a mystery.

Here are some Diamond Shop lines:

It will soon rain diamonds and fill up oceans!
We should be able to buy diamonds with gems!
We should get 3 diamonds per week!
Diamonds should be removed!
Diamond Shop items should be cheaper.
There should be point version of diamonds (1 item 0.5 diamonds)
And bla bla blaaaaah!
So which ones do you agree with? Let us know in the comments! :P
He-he. Ik, some are awkward, but those are suggestions from jammers like you! :T

Anyway, that leaves us with today's topic: The Diamond Shop
You can discuss about it in the comments!
Anyways, that's all I got for today, folks! ^.^
See you tomorrow with more Jamtastic fun! :)
Chow and play wild! ;)

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