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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Egyptian Hat

Oh my goodness! >.<
I didn't post yesterday! D: 
I was really busy that weekend. DX
Anywho, getting on with the new item . . 
The Egyptian Hat! ^-^
The first Egyptian clothing item to come to Jamaa . . EVER . . MUAHHAHAHA
Erm yeah.
Getting carried away. o.O
Looks adorable on otters. :D
I wonder if Jamaa had any Egyptian history at all?
Leaving the subject of Egyptian stuffz, here's the DE post!
Dey look so adorable . . TOO MUCH ADORABLE! O_O
Im hyper wow fdshfjdkslfdjkal
The Sugar Gliders sparkle more when they're cleaned . . x3
Anywho, that's all for today! Bye! :D

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