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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vine Anklet

Hey! :)
So it's me, cloudclaws. Sweetpanda is still not back. :(
So, im posting today as well! c: I probably won't be able to post on Monday though. DX
Anywho, the new item is the Vine Anklet! ^o^
It looks pawsome! :D
It's really nature-y and Jamaasian . . too bad it's member and looks small on animals. ;-;
Still a great item though. :p
Here's a random outfit i made up! x3
I call it "Autumn Woodlands." No credit needed, all yours. ^o^
Okie, here's the DE post!

Cool! I love seeing new coloring pages. ^o^
Okay, that's all for now! Bye jammers! ;)

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