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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Candy Cane Crowns

Hey jammers! I missed an item yesterday which was the candy cane crown, sorry. >.<
Today's new item is the Candy Cane Tiara. :3
 Yay, They're nonmember! :D
I like Candy canes. ^.^ Especially Mint flavored ones. C:
 Now everyone can be a candy cane Queen/King! :P 
I like the crown better for some reason, even though im a girl. o-o Anyway, here's the Jamaaliday Gift!

 I think its a very decorative mailbox. ^.^ I think the white stuff is marshmallows,
but what is the mailbox made out of? o-oMeanwhile, Here's the Daily mystery...
In the chamber of knowledge, there is a big circle, but in the Beta Days, it wasn't painted..
Here's the circle painted.
Why was it painted?
What does it represent? Look at the yellow shape,
it looks like a sun. Is it something to do with Zios? Feel free to write
a story or share your opinion about why the circle was painted. ^.^
Happy jamming!

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