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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Not posting a few days..

Meow jammers!
I won't post the next 3 days.
And now you might ask me why.
Well, tomorrow, I am going out.
Day after tomorrow my sister is asking me to help her with her stuff and watch a movie.
And two days after I need to clean up my study table which is a real mess and would take me like 3-4 hours.
And I might be free the next day. :D
And 3 days, Kinyonga, can you post? C:
And maybe, post today also cause I'm not in the mood. .3.

And well, I was looking for some christmas gifts. :)
If you have some, then comment below:
1. What item/s it is.
2. Which days present it was.
3. What you want for it (be fair). Or will you give it for free? :P
4. Your AJ username.
Okay. That's all.

And I decided to make the Singing Sunday to Shout Out Sunday.
Today's shout out goes to
For posting all these days when I couldn't.
Thanks a lot. ^.^'

Yesterday's Tricky Thursday was technically a bit hard, so you can enter today too. :D
Can you say which Shop of Jamaa, you can see these bottles in.

Winner receives:

Holiday Bells

Later jammers!
Play wild


Snowy claw said...

Those bottles are in the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt Shiveer

mia taylor said...

I have alot which ones do u want ?

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