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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gingerbread Garden

Hey jammers! is it okay if i post today, Kinyonga and Sweetpanda?Anyway,
Today's gift was 800 gems, I wonder when we will reach 1000 gems. :P
 today's new item is the Gingerbread Garden in Epic Wonders. :3
I like this item, it's very cute and creative. ^.^ It would
look wonderful in Gingerbread dens. :D What other gardens do you think
AJHQ should make? :) I have been thinking a Temple themed garden would be good. ^.^
The seat could have vines growing on it, the stone and the building made out of stone, and there
could be lots of little shrubs and moss growing. What do you think? :3
Meanwhile, here's some screenshots of some animals on AJ doing sports. :P
What a perfect dive! :D
Hurdle jumping. :3 Be careful you don't fall head-first though. o.o
Fun fact: Cheetahs can run around the world in about 3 milliseconds. :D
If only real cheetahs could do that. :P
Climbing.....invisible walls?!
Hope you enjoyed them, Happy jamming. ^.^

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