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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Deers are here! + Exciting stuff :D

Hey jammers! im so sorry for missing out yesterday's post, i just didn't have time. :( Anyway, Today's update was fantastic! :D Lets start with the new animals, deer! ^_^
 I love deers! ^.^ They also look adorable on AJ and they're not in the diamond shop! :D
Yay! But they're for members only..sorry nonmembers. D: But don't be sad though, AJHQ might make the grizzly bear as a new animal and make it nonmember! ^.^ And AJHQ might also make nonmember squirrels too, and maybe even make another animal nonmember! ^-^
Anyway, here's my deer, Eternal Snowyspirit!
I might be showing the actions of the deer soon. :D
Meanwhile, Pet Reindeers have seemed to come back to Jamaa!
Im going to try and make my new pet reindeer identical to my deer. :D
And gingerbread houses are sold in the diamond shop for 5 diamonds of you didn't know. ^_^
I wounder if other jammers got one for free.. I didn't but i guess
that's because i already have one. :P
There is also a brand new shop! ^.^
Lets see what's inside..

Last years gifts for jammers who didn't get one. ^.^ And the good thing is that everything is
for one diamond! :D Meanwhile, it seems like a new adventure is coming..
I didn't know what an infero was, so i searched it up on google and it meant a very big fire.
But the thing that still remains a question is why is it called GREELY'S infero?
I mean, Greely couldn't have made an infero could he? o-o Well because he's always been a bit dark and mysterious..  But i am VERY excited for this adventure! :O What do you think about the adventure, everyone?
That's all for today jammers!


Snowy claw said...

The Deer are epic!

mia taylor said...

Too bad deer are member.

❧уℓℓιℓ254❧ said...

You wouldn't get a gingerbread den free, the only way to get it free now is to have it from the past years

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