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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Greely's Inferno

Hey jammers! There's good news and bad news today, but mostly good news.
But lets start with the good news, New items are in the Jamaaliday Jam shop! ^.^
Cosmo's den is also now sold in the diamond shop! :D I like Cosmo's
den, it looks so nice and nature-y. ^_^ I think it might be
my new favorite den now! :3 If only i had enough diamonds to buy it. DX Meanwhile, lets look at
the new items! C:
I love that phantom plushie! :D I also like the Mira Ornament and the Zios Ornament, 
they make great decorations! ^.^ I like all the other items too, but it would have been better if AJHQ made at least one more item nonmember. :C

*skips advertisements*

It also looks like 2014 is on the way in Jamaa! :3
I sure am excited for the New year, What new items do you think will be sold? ^.^
Anyway, today's gift is the marshmallow chair!

Yay, AJHQ fixed the invisible item glitch. :P
Meanwhile, the update also brings the new adventure, Greely's Inferno!
It was a epic and very exciting adventure. ^.^ It currently is Jamaa's biggest adventure yet! :D
Now for the bad news. *deep breath* 
Near the end of the adventure, Greely was angry at me for trying to save Jamaa yet AGAIN, i was excepting Greely to have understood by now. Anyway, he told be that im Jamaa's last hope and i have to defeat the phantom king. After defeating him, He said that he had failed and the volcano would soon erupt, I was horrified and wondered what could happen to Jamaa now. The next thing suprised me, Greely finally understood that we can actually save Jamaa and praised me for defeating the phantom king, i was overjoyed that Greely finally understood. The ground shook and i remembered about the volcano, but just then, Greely told me he had an idea and could stop the volcano from erupting, he started doing magic stuff with his paw. He told me to not look back and go. So i did, i got out of the volcano as quickly as i could. Then i saw a video of the volcano erupting, i wondered what would happen now but then, a very weird thing happened. The lava froze into ice! o-o Anyway, i was back where i started with Graham, Cosmo and Liza. I spoke to Cosmo but i was horrified by what he said. Cosmo said Greely might not have made it alive, but he was a hero. 
Sorry if i bored you, but the bad news is that Greely might be dead. ;-;
I was sad at first. But then, i remembered that Animal Jam WAS a kids game and
they wouldn't just kill of a character would they? Which is today's Daily Mystery..
What do you think about what happened to Greely?
Was he able to escape the volcano?
Where is he now? Feel free to write a story. ^.^


winxbloom55 said...

Hope he's okay 3:
The adventure is so cool anyway
YAy First comment :3

Anonymous said...


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