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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Paw Candy

Meow jammers!
So posting after a few days. :P
Today's gift is the new, Candy Cane tie. XD

Lol. Ik it looks weird, but it looks better than the ordinary ties. XD
It doesn't actually look so weird on wolves, on the picture but it does when your in the lands. XD

Today's item is the returning Paw Candy at Jam Mart Furniture.

This item has always been my favourite.
It isn't so huge, though.
I can't think of any ideas to decorate with it, but this items really cute.
And nobody got yesterday's maze right, even after I made it so easy. ;_;

And yesterday was my bday. ^.^
My friends came up over for a party, so I didn't get time on AJ. XD
It was a really fun bday this year. I am 11 now. :D
And now people in Jamaa started a new thing. T.T

Another trick of getting free stuff. XD
But you know, it's fine, as long as it's not scamming. :)
Wish you all a merry christmas. :D
Tomorrow is christmas, I wonder what tomorrow's gift will be. 
It lost partly HUGEE!

 Btw, I changed my profile pic to something winter. :)

Do you like it?
Kinyonga made me it. :D

2014 is on the way.
Changes and new things are coming to Jamaa. :D
I bet AJ might be fair to non-members this time. :)
What do you think will be here in 2014?
Here are a few things, that might...


The new land, beside Mt. Shiveer.


Improvements to the oceans, so that more animals visit them and enjoy underwater.

3. New dens (for non-members)

4. Safe from scamming.

5. Umm?


What else do you think is coming?
Feel free to share your ideas. :D
Until then, play wild!

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