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Friday, December 13, 2013

Jamaaliday Earmuffs

Meow jammers!
So, starting with the gifts. :P
Today, we have an adorable cute gift.
It's the new Giant Snow Globe.

Aww. So cute. ^.^

It's a moving item. The snowdrops keep falling. It's pretty nice. :D
-Adds to favourite list-

And today's returning item is the Jamaaliday Earmuffs.

The thingy which covers the ears looks rather hard than soft wooly. .o.

And, I know that the gift on the 21st "might" be a diamond.
Here's how..

It's shining. I bet there's a diamond in there. :P

And today is Tricky Thursday.

Can you say which place of Jamaa this is?

I'll give you a clue,
It's in a shop. :)

Good Luck!
Play wild!


mia taylor said...

I have no idea where that place is

Winkwinkwink AJ said...

Are they in the Cocoa Hut..?

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