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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Post and quitting. :3

Meow jammers!
Starting with the quitting thingy. :3
Sooooo, I've decided to quit. .3.
Since I haven't been on for 13 days I seem losing interest in AJ. :3
I'll be playing for a next few days (maybe I might change my mind).
I have my last exam on the 13th and I'm going on vacations from 20th.
So, in between these days I'll play. :P
And after I return from vacations...
I'm gonna focus on my studies because I want a good result this year.
I must be on rarely. .o.
Like twice in a week. :3
And I'll see what to do with my bloggie. :3
Anyway, Cloud/Kiny you guys can post from the 20th. :3
And cloud, you post tomorrow.


Now coming to ze poste. :3

Today's gift is 

600 gems. :3
This is the first gift for me. 
I missed ze good gifts and they're new.
I thought last year's gifts would be given. .3.
I want the Inflatable Snowman, The Gift Express, Elf Shoes and the Jamaaliday mat. :P
If anybody has any, comment below with your user, and say what you want for it (be fair). :3

Today's new item is...

Jamaaliday Scarf.
Just as I predicted. :P
Thanks Cloudclaws for telling me what's the new item today. :P
This items just a perfect winter clothing. :P
And non-member. ^.^
Well, it belongs to my favourite AJ items list. :P

Oh and...
Last weeks raffle winner is Kiki51772.
Lucky number was 
Kiki said 4. :P
So, tell me what you want in a jam a gram and I'll send it to you.
And as it's Wednesday today..
Today's raffle is
Pick any number between 1-10
And winner receives

Rare Old Hood.
I'll send the winner their prize next Wednesday. :P
Good luck.
Play wild!


Snowy claw said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh and i have them.Whats your offer,i don't know what i want.

mia taylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

yay! :3 and i love the prize BTW XD
~kiki51772 peace love spiders~

mia taylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Sweetpanda AJ said...

I don't know what to offer either. :P

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Well, the Rare Hood is the prize for this one actually.
You won something from Jam Mart Clothing shop, tell me what you want(no colored items or member).

mia taylor said...

How about a rare cause they r free

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