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Friday, September 20, 2013

Cone Collar

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Meep Jammers!

I'm Kinyonga, maybe you know me. Anyway, I'm going to be posting on this blog on Friday's, until further notice. (Oh, and Sweetpanda - if you want me to add a followers gadget you'll have to make me an administrator/admin.)

Today's item is sold in the Medical Center, and it's the useful...
...Cone Collar! But wouldn't this be a better item for your pets? I mean, humans don't have to wear these, do they? O.O

And here's a random picture of a rainbow I took a while ago :3

Don't steal the pic, it's mine!

Well, bye for now! ^.^



Sweetpanda AJ said...

Thanks for posting Kiny. :)
Btw, you might need to post on Saturdays as well. :P
And I've added the followers gadget over there. :)

politekoala said...

uuuuum you shall say kiny to check your blog to see the comments
i know kiny will watch

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